When a Collaboration Is Just Right

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Can you believe that this project started on a festival evening?

When I first met Kiona, we were both working at the same wedding—I was a florist, and she was the photographer. Over a crew dinner, we chatted and clicked instantly. However, due to the busy work environment, that was as far as it went. Later that year, at a festival, I bumped into Kiona again. It was then we decided that we simply had to become friends—and so we did 😊. When Kiona offered to do a branding shoot for Pluck, I was nearly moved to tears. For her to photograph me? I couldn’t believe it!



The Day of the Shoot

Fast forward to the day of the shoot, I enlisted the help of Peter van Delft and Decofresh to make this dream a reality, and they were as enthusiastic as I was. Peter knew exactly what I wanted and selected various colored roses perfectly.

With this design, I aimed to showcase to my future brides the kind of possibilities within my abilities. The floral pillars, too pretty not to use as either a backdrop for your wedding or an eye-catcher at your event, stood on a thrifted CD stand topped with a dried lilac branch, providing a natural feel when not fully covered in flowers. I began by outlining my shape with wild asparagus branches and establishing my base with hypericum and statice. Once the base was set, I started adding the Decofresh roses. Sticking to one type of flower ensured coherence, though I opted to group them for maximum impact.



When Vibes Allign

“Could you make a bouquet of some sort?” Kiona asked. Naturally, I whipped one up right there for some dynamic shots. This is what happens when vibes align perfectly; we understand each other flawlessly. When the time was up and we had to clean up, we both shed a few tears—the flower pillar had just been completed. “Luckily, we still have the pictures,” Kiona joked 😊.



“I’ll probably need about 3 to 6 weeks to finish your photos, babe. I have a pretty busy schedule…”
Of course, this was all for fun, and I didn’t expect them to be ready too soon. But four days later, on my birthday, I received a text: “Honey, you’ve got mail.” I raced to my email, and, of course, cried (again)! I couldn’t believe that was me in those pictures and that we had pulled this off! This is your sign to seize the opportunity and invest in yourself and your business. You deserve it.

Imagery Brimming With Emotion, Creativity, and Character

Kiona on the shoot:

“When I look at the pictures, I really see Sari. I know her as an enthusiastic, pure woman, filled with passion for her work and flowers. That was exactly what I wanted to capture—images brimming with emotion, creativity, and character. That’s what branding shoots are all about.”

The varieties that were used in the flower shoot are Rose Blushing Reeva, Rose Venturoso, Rose Glamorous, Rose Pretty Pillow, and Rose La Vida Loca, all available at Decofresh.



All pictures by Kiona Photography

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