US (SD): Rapid City greenhouse specialist teaches students to be “kinder gardeners”

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Some Rapid City kindergartners turned into kinder gardeners Friday afternoon.

Boys and girls at Grandview Elementary received a lesson on flowers from Rapid City’s Greenhouse Specialist, John Berglund. They learned about the different parts of the plant, how they’re grown from seed and how to take care of them once they’ve matured.

At the end of the lesson each of the students got to take home a marigold, just in time for Mother’s Day. The kids getting more excited during the visit asking questions to expand their gardening knowledge.

Burglund says, “It’s entertaining because we get some some crazy questions and we and they’re always wanting to be part of it and participate and that’s always a great thing too.”

Burglund visited three kindergarten classes at Grandview, spreading his expertise to 75 future viewers of Bobtanical Gardens.

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