US (NJ): Edible Garden starts shipping ‘Garden Starters’

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Edible Garden has started shipping Garden Starters, a featured display for the Company’s potted herbs and basil bowls that can be planted in a consumer’s home garden, and has begun to retail locations across the Midwest, beginning with Meijer.

Mr. Jim Kras, Chief Executive Officer of Edible Garden, stated, “We are excited to begin shipping our ‘Garden Starters,’ beginning with all Meijer stores across the Midwest, which is perfectly timed with the spring planting season. In 2023, we introduced this product in response to the increased demand for our potted herbs, which are ideal for home gardening. Given that 35% of American households cultivate some of their own food, our sustainably grown herbs and produce are becoming favored options for those seeking to enhance the flavors of their meals. Thanks to the vertical integration at our advanced, Edible Garden Heartland facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the Company will manage the entire production, packaging, and distribution process for the ‘Garden Starters’ program from just this one facility. By placing potted herbs in the same supermarket section as our cut herbs and sustainably cultivated produce, we aim to offer maximum convenience to our customers.”

“We view the period from Mother’s Day to Memorial Day as the optimal time for consumers to set up their gardens, and we are seizing this spring planting opportunity with the launch of our ‘Garden Starters.’ These products are sustainable, and by making strategic use of backhauls and leveraging our Edible Garden Heartland facility, we believe we can significantly reduce our CO2 emissions—a win not only for our Company but, more crucially, for the environment. We believe ‘Garden Starters’ presents both the Company and its retail partners with an incremental sales opportunity, and we look forward to rolling out this product to other retail partners across the United States.”

For more information:
Edible Garden
283 County Road 519
Belvidere, NJ 07823
Tel.: (844) 344-3727

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