Transforming Fresh Cupcakes Into Floral Masterpieces by Kerry’s Bouqcakes

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A Norfolk cake maker with over a million Instagram followers and celebrity fans is seeing real growth in her business. Kerry Roberts, 38, took the risk in 2017 to turn her pastime into a business after teaching herself how to pipe buttercream cupcakes. Through ‘Kerry’s Bouqcakes’, based at her home in Cringleford, on the outskirts of Norwich, she teaches workshops on creating beautiful buttercream flowers. She also offers online tutorials and yes, the most amazing floral cupcake designs you’ll ever see. They’re actually surreal!

Kerry’s Bouqcakes Surreal Floral Cupcakes

Flowers and cupcakes are the perfect match. Who wouldn’t be ecstatically surprised to receive a bouquet and some baked goods made out of delicious buttercream which on top of that have a stunning floral design and eatable decor? These works of art by Kerry Roberts truly make the ideal gift combination. The talented artist and baker has managed to combine these two delicious treats to feature beyond realistic floral decorations. You wouldn’t be blamed for believing these were actual plants if you hadn’t watched videos of her using a piping bag at work.


Divine floral art in cupcakes by Kerry Roberts


Bouqcakes is the perfect gift for any ocassion

Bouqcakes makes sure to transform any cupcake into a special gift for any occasion


Kerry shares:

“I have always had a passion for baking and since the birth of my two amazing children in 2013 and 2015 I decided to turn my passion into a business and Kerry’s Bouqcakes cupcake business was born. I love to bake fresh, preservative-free cupcakes that I would be happy to give to my own children and then transform them into floral masterpieces. You could say I am a cupcake artist.”


Different floral cupcakes by Bouqcakes

Different types of floral art on cupcakes by Bouqcakes


A Clever Use of Pipes to Create Floral Masterpieces on Mouthwatering Goods

Roberts astutely uses a variety of pipes and mixed realistic colors to create an entire garden atop her cupcakes—from which she later assembles her aesthetically pleasing ‘bouqcakes’, a bouquet made entirely of cupcakes. Buttercream is used to create dahlias, daisies, orchids, and daffodils in a variety of colors, with Roberts nailing even the smallest details, such as the stamen.


Stunning orange and blue toned cupcakes

As if creating lifelike blooms wasn’t enough, Roberts has also experimented with other plants, such as succulents and cacti. Rather than covering the entire cupcake, she bases them on a unique texture that resembles a planter. Her work demonstrates the diversity of these plants, capturing their various colors, shapes, and spines with cream.


Cacti and succulent cupcakes

Cacti and succulent cupcakes by Kerry’s Bouqcakes


Kerrys Bouqcakes cacti and succulent cupcake designs


While her flower cupcakes cannot be shipped due to their delicate nature, Roberts wants everyone in the world to appreciate their beauty and finesse while eating something flavorsome. For this reason, she also loves to teach online and wants to get to as many people as possible to convey the message of pursuing your creativity and passion while doing things you truly enjoy.  She has created a series of online tutorials that anyone, including inexperienced bakers, can use. To keep up with her sweet creations and tutorials make sure to visit Kerry’s Bouqcakes website.


Infinite designs by Kerrys Bouqcakes


She expresses:

“Teaching is also something I am very enthusiastic about. I enjoy sharing my skills and knowledge with others, seeing their creativity evolve, and the expressions on their faces when they create stunning masterpieces to be truly proud of. Why not have a look at my Online Courses, Private Lessons, and Group Workshops.”


Pastel colored cupcakes
Cupcakes in shades of beautiful pastels


Turning Her Passion Into a Successful Small Business

Kerry Roberts’ business journey has been both personal and professional, consistently pushing her out of her comfort zone and testing her limits. In her blog, she wanted to reflect on some of the key and pivotal ‘first times’ for both herself and Kerry’s Bouqcakes, experiences that many others might recognize in their entrepreneurial journey.


Garden rose and passiflora cupcakes


Chrysanthemum and rose cupcakes by Kerry

Chrysanthemum and rose cupcakes


Perhaps the most memorable first for Kerry was the decision to turn her hobby into a business. It was a daunting move to leave the security of regular employment behind. From registering her baking business with the council to undergoing a food hygiene inspection and setting up her first social media page on Facebook, every step was a challenge. Kerry was a complete novice in the world of social media, but with the support and encouragement of friends and family, she took that initial leap, stepped out of her comfort zone, and Kerry’s Bouqcakes was born.


Kerry Roberts and her family

Kerry Roberts, owner of Kerry’s Bouqcakes with her family


Nowadays, she has an incredibly successful business and it only comes to prove that when you dream about something, pursue it! When you feel an innate passion for something, go for it!


Photos by @kerrys_bouqcakes.

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