Top 10 Roses for Mother’s Day 2024

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Mothers are someone you can always turn to, no matter how old you are or where you are in the world. While you appreciate them for everything they do, it’s easy to forget to show them your gratitude every single day. But that’s why flowers exist. Flowers are the perfect companion to tell your mom how grateful you are for her existence and everything she does for you.

Flowers, specifically roses, are one of the most popular gifts to say thank you and a deep way of saying how much you love your moms. So, there’s no surprise that flowers are an old acquaintance when it comes to Mother’s Day. This list with the top 10 roses for Mother’s Day will help you decide which variety and what color you want to gift your adorable mothers. Take out a pen and a piece of paper because this rose game is about to get strong!

Top 10 Mother’s Day Roses

As the Mother’s Day season is getting very close with people celebrating Mother’s worldwide, these are intensely beautiful roses that’ll make the perfect gift for mom:

  • Rose Candy X-Pression
  • Rose Born Free
  • Rose Red Naomi!
  • Rose Princess Holly’s Hope
  • Rose Nova Vita
  • Rose Pink O’Hara
  • Rose Blushing Reeva
  • Rose Cooldown
  • Rose Red Panther
  • Rose Jumilia

Before getting into detail about each of these queen roses, how about learning more about the symbolism of roses and their different colors so you can choose flowers for your mom accordingly?

Mother’s Day Roses Symbolism and Their Colors

What do roses symbolize for Mother’s Day and why do so many people opt to give roses for this special celebration? A Mother’s Day rose color can say a lot about your intentions and the feelings behind giving them as a gift. Each rose color has a different meaning.

The red rose is regarded as the flower of love by people all around the world and is a universal symbol of love. A pink rose is an ideal gift to offer your mother if showing her thanks and delight is your goal. The yellow rose is a symbol of friendship and care, and it is a flower to present to people who may not be your mother but act and treat you exactly like one would. 

White roses are another fitting gift for moms, as they symbolize purity and innocence and are often connected to spiritual love. There’s nothing purer than the love between a mother and her child, so wishing your mom with white roses is another popular option.

Remember that one of the most genuine ways of expressing your love and care for a loved one is through flowers and what better flower than the queens of the world — roses? It’s time to reveal them… Warning though, these roses will make you want to gift them all!

Rose Candy X-Pression

As part of the top 10 roses for Mother’s Day, this eccentric garden rose adds just the right amount of colors and charm to any situation or event you’re planning for Mother’s Day. Featuring a one-of-a-kind extra-large head size, an amazing garden shape, high petal count, long-lasting, and ruffled edges with pink shades, it’s definitely a YES for the mommas out there. An arrangement full of Rose Candy X-Pression by Mystic Flowers will without a doubt do the job to make moms feel loved and appreciated.


Rose Candy X-Pression in a lovely arrangement
Photo: Mystic Flowers


Rose Born Free

Rose Born Free by De Ruiter is yet another sensational variety with bright red, deep velvety tones that make it one of the best true red roses available, plus one of the top Mother’s Day red roses. Red roses will always be a classic when it comes to special gifts. The large, cup-shaped petals have a medium fragrance. Keep in mind that Rose Born Free is a luxurious and sophisticated rose. Its petals are intensely full-blooded red and are a stunning variety that is grown in Africa and South America.


Happy Women's Day Rose Born Free De Ruiter
Gorgeous red Rose Born Free


Rose Red Naomi!

Porta Nova’s Rose Red Naomi! with the richness of its red color along with the velvety, deep color of their petals is one of the top roses suited to transcribing your feelings for Mother’s Day. She is famous for her extremely large flower head full of petals and subtle scent, so lovely that it will pamper your senses. She has it all: long stems, outstanding transportability, and superb vase life to keep your mom even longer company!


Red Naomi Design by Claudia Tararache

Red Naomi Design by Claudia Tararache



Rose Princess Holly’s Hope

Transitioning from a soft peachy-toned center to creamy outer petals, Rose Princess Holly’s Hope sizable ruffle-cup bloom is classified as ‘very full’ in terms of petal count, as it has over 80 petals. Princess Holly’s Hope opens fully and holds incredibly well, enduring strength and resilience, words that remind us of our dear friend. This special garden rose has been years in the making at Alexandra Farms and is named after one of their closest friends and close collaborators – the renowned floral designer, educator, and amazing mother Holly Heider Chapple


Detailed view of Princess Hollys Hope roses

Detailed view of Princess Holly’s Hope roses



Rose Nova Vita

Nova Vita means ‘new life’, a perfect white rose to symbolize the rebirth mothers have when they become one. Children give moms life and a sense of a new life after they come into the world. The pristine white Rose Nova Vita from breeder United Selections is grown in Kenya by Bliss Flora. This clear white rose will make any celebration special and classic. A white rose can never go wrong when surprising mom on her day!


Rose Nova Vita by United Selections
Kristina Rimiene with Rose Nova Vita in an arrangement perfect for Mother’s Day


Rose Pink O’Hara

Bred in France, Rose Pink O’Hara by Alexandra Farms brings a light confectionary pink to bouquets along with a rich lavender perfume. Her color tends to be deeper in the center, where her petals form the classic four hearts, and lighter on the outside, where they may roll into starry points. Her petals are gathered into a large bloom that is a little more airy than is found in some other garden roses, for an effect of depth and texture within the blossom.


Rose Pink O’Hara


Rose Blushing Reeva

Rose Blushing Reeva by Decofresh ensembles shades of delicate peach and a light coral color blended, to create a soft look while adding a pop of color to floral designs. The opening of this rose, along with the number of petals is impacting and beautiful. What also makes it a very valuable rose is its durability and long shelf life, perfect for a long Mother’s Day celebration.


Rose Blushing Reeva for Mothers Day
Floral Designer Kristina Rimiene showing Rose Blushing Reeva in a perfect bouquet


Rose Blushing Reeva as a gift
Photo: @decofreshroses


Rose Cooldown

The gorgeous light lavender color of the Cooldown rose by Rosaprima embraces a heartfelt, loving, and warm gift for Mom. Its delicate, waving petals give any floral arrangement a hint of freshness and tranquility, evoking soft springtime breezes, perfect to celebrate this day. Cooldown by Rosaprima  These attributes are a winning combination and have already made RP Moab a favorite for gifts.


Rose Cooldown by Rosaprima for Mothers Day
Cooldown roses in a light lavender tone
Photo: Rosaprima


Rose Red Panther

Another one of the favorite roses for Mother’s Day is Rose Red Panther Mother’s Day by Decofresh. Red Panther is such a romantic rose, graced with the blossoming beauty of what true love is. Red Panther, a variation so rare that it is the equivalent of a perfect ruby. Red Panther is a real gem that deserves a place of choice in the world of red roses: it is most certainly the variety of tomorrow.


Mothers Day arrangement using Red Panther roses
A perfect Mother’s Day arrangement using Red Panther roses
Photo: @mohicanflowers


She jostles, in elegance and delicacy, well-established codes and dictates. A bouquet full of these roses would be the perfect Mother’s Day gift, don’t you think?


Rose Red Panther cut flower on Thursd feature
Rose Red Panther


Rose Jumilia

Rose Jumilia by United Selections is a delicate rose that’ll express your endless love, sensitivity, and emotional side when you give this rose as a Mother’s Day gift. Rose Jumilia surely is a rose with the ‘wow’ factor. It’s a remarkable large-flowered white rose with a bright pink edge at the top of the petal. The sublime sweet white-pink hue makes it a lovely rose. A definite plus is the beautiful foliage. The rose is very strong and has a very good shelf and vase life.


Rose Jumilia Mother's Day
Rose Jumilia


Tips to Care for Your Mother’s Day Roses

  • Use a clean vase
  • Flower food improves the life of your flowers significantly, and prevents the necks from bending
  • Cut a few centimeters off the stem at an angle to open the veins for absorbing water
  • Remove only the foliage at the bottom up to the point where the stem is in the water
  • Refill the water when it gets ‘cloudy’
  • Keep the vase away from vegetables and fruits, because the ethylene gas produced by these will damage your flowers
  • Take dying flowers out, so they won’t infect the others
  • Keep your flowers away from high temperatures and direct sunlight


You’re now ready to gift your moms the most spectacular roses for Mother’s Day!


Featured image by Rosaprima

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