Terra Nova Nurseries spotlights two varieties from Prima series

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Terra Nova Nurseries celebrates the company’s novel “Prima” Series, offering a sneak peek of the newly launched Prima ‘Spider’, with a special call-out to the top-performing Echinacea Prima ‘Lime’. Both echinacea varieties boast vibrantly colored flowers showcased in impeccable form.

Echinacea Prima ‘Spider’ was bred as a novelty plant and is lauded for its mounding habit and upright flowers that gracefully spread and entice pollinators. Its strap-shaped petals transition from salmon-rose to magenta as the flowers turn upward in a captivating “spidery” display. This newest addition to the “Prima” Series is a showstopper in landscapes, mixed beds, borders, mass plantings and containers.

Terra Nova’s breeding team advises utilizing a well-drained potting mix and growing Prima ‘Spider’ for six to eight weeks to finish a 4″ pot and 12-14 weeks for a 1-gallon pot. Finishing growers should feed this variety regularly and watch for thrips. Prima ‘Spider’ grows most actively in summer, blooming June through October. U.S.D.A. Hardiness Zones are 4-9.

Echinacea Prima ‘Lime’, also bred for its novelty, shows off fragrant, lime-green and cream-colored flowers with cupped petals and an emerald eye shifting to golden-yellow through maturity. ‘Lime’ adds significant beauty to cut flower arrangements and thrives in containers, borders and mixed beds. Special uses for this stand-out echinacea variety include minimal water usage, deer resistance, and being an effective pollinator and hummingbird magnet.

Finishing growers should allow Prima ‘Lime’ to dry moderately between waterings. The finish time from a liner to a 4″ pot is six to eight weeks; finish time from a liner to a 1-gallon pot is 12-14 weeks. ‘Lime’ is hardy in U.S.D.A Zones 4-9, blooming June through October.

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