South Korea: 20,000 roses were in full bloom in the 10,000㎡ rose garden at Goyang Flower Show

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At the Goyang International Flower Show, non-peony cactuses and roses, which are representative crops of the region, are attracting visitors’ attention.

According to the city of Goyang on the 2nd, visitors are continuing to visit the Goyang International Flower Show, which opened on the 26th of last month. It is popular because there are 21 courses ranging from singing fountains to flower exchange centers.

In particular, the cactus succulent garden is attracting attention. The representative attraction here is the Bimoran cactus, which decorates the sculpture in a colorful way like a flower.

The non-peony cactus is popular not only in Korea but also abroad with various colors such as red, yellow, orange, and pink and its shape resembling flowers.


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