Rangeview growing more than plants

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This plant transport business has a 25 year history but is very much moving with the times, with a sharp eye on costs and asset utilisation.

Thanks to a reliable fleet of Scania trucks, Rangeview Transport is expanding into Far North Queensland and out to Western Australia as it collects a growing number of general freight customers to ensure every trailer is fully loaded.

“We run our trucks on a schedule like an airline,” says managing director, Matt Borkowski.

“Traditionally we focussed on transporting plants, but now if we see there’s spare capacity in the trailers, we have been using online freight booking service providers to connect us with people who need general – and increasingly refrigerated – freight moved.

“Our trucks must leave on time, so it is up to us to make sure the trailers are full. One of our advantages is that all our trailers have a tail lift, and half the fleet are rigids which can pull pig trailers. This gives us a lot of loading and unloading flexibility.

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