Our account managers offer alternatives to help customers make the best decisions

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At Koen Pack, it’s not all about aesthetics, but also about sustainability and responsibility. As a major supplier of flower sleeves and packaging materials, the company has been informing its customers for years about the various materials that can be used for this purpose.

“All possible materials are available to us,” says Mirjam Colijn, responsible for CSR and Marketing at Koen Pack. “Our customers rely on us for high-quality products, and we inform them weekly about our carefully selected collections.”

Robert Kooyman, with more than 15 years of experience at Koen Pack, adds: “Many of our sleeves contain a significant amount of recycled material, printed and transparent, suitable for various machines. We also closely monitor our own consumption to effectively manage our CO2 footprint. In addition, our warehouse and office use LED lighting on sensors, which has significantly reduced our energy consumption. The energy is generated by more than 1,000 solar panels on the roof of our building on De Loetenweg in Amstelveen, the Netherlands.”

Koen Pack even gives customers insight into the CO2 emissions of their packaging. “We increasingly receive requests to do so, it gives customers a clear picture of the impact of their choices,” says Colijn. “Our account managers offer alternatives to help customers make the best decisions.”

Photo: Marliez sleeves from rLDPE

A notable example is the Marliez series, made from rLDPE with Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic, available in five colors. With 14.58 CO2-eq., this sleeve is a significantly more sustainable alternative compared to a sleeve made of virgin BOPP material, which has 43.26 kg CO2-eq.

A more sustainable future
Koen Pack is collaborating with other packaging companies in the Horti Sustainable Packaging Initiative (HSPi) on measurable objectives to meet their joint goal to include at least 30% of recycled material in their packaging by 2030. Moreover, they aim to reduce their ecological footprint by adding PCR (post-consumer recycled plastic) to their products.

In line with their commitment to innovation, Koen Pack is constantly developing new packaging that is specifically tailored to the needs of their customers. With sustainability being a major theme, they are continuously searching for alternatives.

Recycling initiatives
Koen Pack is not only focused on sustainable production but also on recycling. All waste is carefully separate. In collaboration with DS Smith, the company developed a recycling system for all cardboard waste. This aligns with their pursuit of a closed-loop system, where old cardboard is converted into new, thereby closing the circle of sustainability.

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