NL: SchermNed acquires Alsemgeest Scherminstallaties

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As of April 15, SchermNed has significantly increased its experience in screening and air mechanics, thanks to the acquisition of Alsemgeest Scherminstallaties. “This acquisition is focused on quality and enhancing our service level,” emphasizes Jack van der Voort.

With the acquisition, SchermNed gains four new team members who started working on April 15. Company trucks, equipment, tools, and relationships are also transferring from Wateringen to Naaldwijk (the Netherlands).

Marco Geeratz from Alsemgeest Scherminstallaties, and Jack van der Voort from SchermNed

Expansion of insect netting and air mechanics offerings
The director of SchermNed describes it as ‘a healthy acquisition’ that preserves the company culture of the Naaldwijk family business. “We are expanding our team with a broad and talented group of professionals, from technicians to implementation and sales. The people at Alsemgeest, who have a passion for horticulture and all reside among the greenhouses in Westland or Midden-Delfland, bring this up.”

Alsemgeest Scherminstallaties has been independently active in the market for over thirty years. “Alsemgeest specializes in screening but is also active in air mechanics. The specialists from Alsemgeest bring additional expertise, particularly in some of the older, now less common systems. With these skilled professionals and their knowledge, we are now improving the quality of our services, and broadening our product range. In this way we can provide services to Alsemgeest customers with all types of insect netting systems (including our own SchermNed insect filter system), and to SchermNed’s clients with air mechanics solutions.”

Jack adds: “The expertise in air mechanics is often found in companies involved in greenhouse construction and demolition. However, maintenance of air mechanics is usually done from inside the greenhouse, and that’s where we are already present with our screens and insect netting. With this acquisition, we’re becoming even stronger in this area.”

A good mix of ornamental plants and vegetable cultivation
The service technicians at SchermNed also get the opportunity to take on more special projects. “Our service technicians are all-rounders. Our people enjoy not only providing service but also to apply their knowledge to special projects. The Alsemgeest team also brings in this kind of knowledge thanks to years of expierence, and their love for technology.

Alsemgeest Scherminstallaties used to be particularly strong in ornamental horticulture and very active with growers in South Holland. It also served clients in countries like Germany and France. With the acquisition, SchermNed (which is also strong in glasshouse vegetables) will now serve these customers. “With our combined forces, we can tackle larger projects for Alsemgeest’s customers.

Company culture
Marco Geeratz, the face of Alsemgeest Scherminstallaties, joins SchermNed in the role of sales & advice. He will primarily focus on exports and maintaining contact with existing relationships.”

For SchermNed, this is the first acquisition in almost twenty years. At that time, a fellow screening company, as well as Vitrona, the current sister company, were acquired. The main goa of the acquisition is not to increase growth. It’s primarily focused on improving the quality and the flexibility of their services, and on increasing the level of knowledge and job satisfaction of his team, Jack emphasizes. “We find it important to preserve the company culture. This step allows us to do so while also adding three all-round subcontractors with whom Alsemgeest has a strong working relationship.”

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