NL: Mother’s Day leads to a busy week

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Mother’s Day is on the horizon, one of the more significant days of the year that brings a lot of activity to the floral industry. We discussed this with Johan van Barneveldt from Agora Group and Patrick van Santen from Gedi.

“Since Monday, we’ve seen a rising trend in sales, and now we are in full swing for Mother’s Day.” Despite the high cost of flowers, Mother’s Day remains a busy day for the flower trade. There are no specific best-sellers, according to Johan van Barneveldt of Agora Group. “However, the peony season has started again, which we see reflected in sales.” There are a few moments throughout the year when women are surprised with a bouquet of flowers. “We often see a peak around Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day, and Mother’s Days. Flowers are less important on a day like Father’s Day. Men are usually happy with tools or a nice perfume,” says Van Barneveldt.

It has also been a busy week for Gedi. Top sellers this Mother’s Day are mainly tulips, roses, and lilies. Patrick van Santen from Gedi: “The trade is doing well this Mother’s Day, despite having one less day this week, and also a day off last week. I’ve seen thousands of pallets go by.”

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