NL: Kolster location at FlowerTrials to take visitors on a ‘Magical Garden Tour’

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During the FlowerTrials® you can go on a Magical Garden Tour at the Kolster location in Boskoop, the Netherlands. It’s a chance to truly peek behind the scenes. From 11 to 14 June, the breeders HOKO Breeding, Walter Blom Plants and Kolster will take visitors on a Magical Garden Tour. Ever wondered about the journey the Magical plants go through before they end up in your nursery? During this tour, you’ll hop on a golf cart and professionals will show you every breeding stage.

Highlighted during the tour
During the Magical Garden Tour you will meet the Hydrangea mother plants of HOKO Breeding, discover one of the trial gardens from Walter Blom Plants and get a look at the Kolster nursery. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to see the people at work behind the scenes. You can ask them questions about breeding, planting and tissue culture stage III, among other things.

Novelties in the spotlight
This year, the novelties will literally be put in the spotlight at the Kolster location. They are given their own novelty place during the FlowerTrials. “Be amazed by the wide and new range and discover the Magical Garden Plants (with joined varieties of our companies) and the top of HOKO Breeding, Kolster and Walter Blom Plants. Each and every one of these powerful varieties stand out for their colour, size, diversity and quality.”

Growing better together
In addition to our broad, in-house range, HOKO, Walter Blom Plants and Kolster have been working together on innovations and improvements for years. An example of this is the Magical selections. “With the combined forces and know-how of all specialists involved, we are able to develop and market high-quality products. This means that every grower, trader, retailer and end user is assured of a beautiful product with a recognizable and strong image. The sales team will be happy to tell you all about it during the FlowerTrials at the Kolster location.”

The FlowerTrials is the event for breeders to present their innovations, creative concepts and the latest assortment to growers, traders and buyers from all over the world. No less than 59 companies at 30 locations will be exhibiting this year. FlowerTrials location Kolster in Boskoop (the Netherlands) is one of these locations.

FlowerTrials location Kolster
Address: Rijneveld 122a, 2771 XR Boskoop, the Netherlands
Date: 11-13 June from 08.00-18.00 and 14 June from 08.00-15.00

For more information:
Email: [email protected]

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