NL: ABZ Seeds director Gé Bentvelsen retires

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Last Friday, Gé Bentvelsen retired as the director of his company, ABZ Seeds. Gé previously worked at Syngenta, formerly known as Zaadunie. At that time this company focused on the development of seed-propagated varieties. As they thought this business area had no future due to budget cuts, they discontinued activities in this area. This is when Gé seized the opportunity.
Claudia den Braver of Plantum offers a badge to Gé in recognition for his services to the strawberry crop group.

ABZ Seeds has been breeding F1 hybrid strawberries for over 30 years and has more than twenty varieties of its portfolio. Their varieties are sold worldwide.

Fado singer Argentina Freire and the two accompanying musicians Hans van Gelderen and Daniel Raposo gave a stellar performance.

At his farewell, Gé received a beautiful bird villa in the shape of the “Holland Strawberry House” from the team. From left to right Ruud van der Meer, Rinske van Dekken, Paul Doodeman, Karina Commandeur, Gé Bentvelsen, Ilona Smith, Roberta van Oostrum, and Ingrid Bakker

NB. Noordhollands Dagblad (€) spoke with Gé about his career.

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