Mother’s and Calla Lilies Go Together for a Great Mother’s Day Celebration!

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Mother’s Day is a special occasion to honor the incredible women who have nurtured, supported, and loved us unconditionally. While there are many ways to express gratitude, one option stands out – the avant-garde calla lily. Known for its grace, beauty, and symbolism, these flowers make a perfect gift for Mother’s Day, cherished by mothers around the world. Think outside traditional flower gifting options and choose a bouquet of white or multi-colored callas to give her on this special celebration and find some design inspo in this article.

Expressing Gratitude on Mother’s Day With Calla Lilies

On Mother’s Day, surprises are something that every mother in the world enjoys. Flowers were, are, and always will be the ideal gift. What better way to spoil mom even more? Try callas, with their exquisite, graceful chalices with a long, stem that is sure to surprise Mom in a good way. They make a perfect couple with a beautiful and graceful mother. Simply Calla shares a few reasons why they’re an excellent choice for this special day.


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A white calla bouquet for Mothers Day
A delicate white calla lily bouquet


Calla Lilies Have a Long Vase Life Making Them a Perfect Mother’s Day Complement

If you want a flower that is durable and will look good in your mother’s living room or kitchen, calla lilies are a top option. They have a long vase life, often lasting up to two weeks or more when properly cared for. This longevity serves as a reminder of the love and strength that mothers provide throughout their lives.


A different bouquet for Mothers Day using purple callas

A different bouquet option for Mother’s Day using purple callas


Flowers to give your mom for the celebration
A simple but colorful inspo for a Mother’s Day gift using calla lilies
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Not only that but they can be arranged in various ways to create stunning bouquets that reflect a mother’s personality and style. They pair beautifully with other flowers or foliage, adding a touch of sophistication to any floral arrangement.


An arrangement using calla and mixed flowers
A mixed bouquet using gorgeous pink callas, chrysanthemums, and Veronica Smart
Photo: @fujicicekeroldemir


A mix of white and pink calla arrangement
A pink and white soft arrangement that is perfectly suited for Mother’s Day
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Making the Perfect Calla Bouquet for Mom

If you want to create a more personal gift and not buy a bouquet from a flower shop directly, you can opt to buy the flowers yourself and create a sort of DIY flower gift. Here’s how:

    1. Begin by selecting fresh calla lilies in your desired colors. Trim the stems at an angle and remove any excess foliage.
    2. Arrange the calla lilies in your hand, crisscrossing the stems to create a spiral effect.
    3. Add filler flowers or foliage between the calla lilies to enhance the bouquet’s texture and volume.
    4. Secure the stems with floral tape, ensuring the arrangement holds its shape.
    5. Trim the stems to the desired length and place the bouquet in a vase filled with water.
    6. Finish the bouquet with a ribbon tied around the stems for a polished look.


Colorful bouquet of calla lilies for Mothers Day
The perfect combination of calla colors for a Mother’s Day gift
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Colorful calla lilies in a vase
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Mix and Match Colors and Textures for the Perfect Bouquet

If you’re more of a mixer and like to include callas along with other flowers it is also possible to do so, of course, using callas as the predominant flower. What could be more beautiful than a loosely tied bouquet consisting of a few special flowers with character, which are given the space to show themselves? Flowers that differ from each other in color, shape, structure, and length.


Delicate white and pink feminine bouquet
For more delicate moms, this is a feminine bouquet showing white and pink callas along with a mix of other flowers
Photo: @herholyflowers


Try flowers like lilies, astrantia, and astilbe, or beautiful roses, carnations, or spider chrysanthemums. Experience the contrasting play of colors and shapes while you create a beautiful contrast by bringing a bouquet to life. Definitely an instant hit that will surprise your beautiful mommas!


An inspirational idea for a calla arrangement
Inspiration of how to arrange callas in a majestic arrangement for mom
Photo: @travelflowers9


You can decide if you want to go for a mono-colored yet multi-varied bouquet. Or perhaps some ton-sur-ton variations? Take a look at how easily the calla feels comfortable being on its own on a spectacular bouquet or even among other lovely flowers and blends divinely without losing its powerful appearance.


Peachy callas in a spectacular vase to gift for mom
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A pure yellow calla arrangement with greenery
Photo: @travelflowers9


This delicate and swirly bouquet will surely dazzle any mother on her special day, conveying your heartfelt appreciation and love.

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