Marginpar’s Polianthes – A Sweet Sensual Flower With a Voluptuous Scent

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If you’re a fan of sweet and creamy scents, then you’ll love Polianthes, also known as Tuberose. This beautiful flower is often referred to as the ‘Carnal Flower’ due to its voluptuous and sensual fragrance. Polianthes is such a pleasant flower, no wonder it is a favorite among not just floral designers and perfumers, but also flower enthusiasts seeking to have unique floral scents in their homes.

Grown by Marginpar in Tanzania, Polianthes — a name that rolls off the tongue with some hint of mystery — is more than just a flower. It exudes a sensual experience of its own. This stunning flower, which can, without trying hard, add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any arrangement, possesses a fragrant infusion that easily transports one to a world of indulgence and seduction. 

Polianthes’ Unique Characteristics in a Floral Design

Marginpar has four different Polianthes varieties in its portfolio – Polianthes Eva Cherise, Polianthes Elle Pink, Polianthes Elsa Blush, and Polianthes Elvy Ivory. Polianthes Elle Pink and Polianthes Elvy Ivory are both known for their sweet scent and strong, long stems. These two are quite similar, but the former has a soft, light pink hue, while the latter is cream-white.


Polianthes, a sweet-scented, and sensual flower from Marginpar


Polianthes Eva Cherise has been added to the series because of its unique deep pink flowers. It has a deeper shade of pink than the well-known Elle Pink, formerly known as Pink Sapphire, and grows on elongated stems that produce clusters of waxy pink flowers that bloom from the bottom to the top of the flower.

Polianthes Elsa Blush, on the other hand, stands out for its fine stems and slender, delicate, light pink flowers. It grows on elongated stems that produce clusters of flowers, which also bloom from the bottom to the top of the flower. 


Polianthes, A Sweet, and Sensual Marginpar Flower


Even so, these flowers generally possess long, slender stems and delicate, bell-shaped blooms that, just as earlier noted, come in a range of colors, including white, pink, and yellow. Their qualities make them a popular choice for special events, including wedding arrangements, or just adorning homes.

What’s more, since these flowers tend to be so delicate, they require careful handling to ensure they remain in perfect condition. Hence, at Marginpar, Polianthes is grown with care and attention to detail. The flowers are usually hand-picked and carefully packaged, as this guarantees that they arrive fresh and still fragrant.


Polianthes, A Sweet, and Sensual Marginpar Flower
Floral designer Teunis Veenema (background) and Merlijn Meijer, a student of styling, interior and design at Nimeto, Utrecht.


So, if you’re looking for a bouquet for a special occasion or simply want to fill your home with the sweet and sensual fragrance of flowers, the Polianthes will do just the trick. You can, therefore, trust Marginpar to provide the highest quality of these flowers. And in case you didn’t know, just a single bloom of this flower is enough to fill an entire room with its sweet and sensual fragrance!

A Fragrance Quite Unlike Any Other

A widely known fact is that Polianthes has a bewitching scent. The fragrance of this flower is quite unlike any other. It is sweet, yet complex, with hints of vanilla, jasmine, and honey. So powerful is the fragrance that it can fill an entire room. This is a quality that makes it a perfect choice for a romantic bouquet or centerpiece.


Polianthes, A Sweet, and Sensual Marginpar Flower


Still, another reason why Polianthes is so prized for its fragrance is because it is difficult to extract. Unlike many other flowers, it does not release its scent easily. It takes a special process known as effleurage to extract the essential oils from the flower. Because of the difficulty and expense of the process, Polianthes is often used in niche or luxury perfumes created by artisan perfumers who use high-quality ingredients to create uniquely notable scents.

But Polianthes is not solely effective for perfumes. Its fragrance is also used in candles, soaps, and other home fragrance products. And because the scent is so powerful, just a little always goes a long way!


Polianthes, A Sweet, and Sensual Marginpar Flower


The Polianthes Installation: A Meeting of Floral Design and Perfumery

The secret to Polianthes’ scented charm lies in their unique composition. As the flower matures, its fragrance transforms delightfully in both its intensity and dimension.

Such is the quality that floral designer Teunis Veenema and Tanja Deurloo, a perfume designer, chemist, and founder of the luxury brand Annindriya, affirmed at the launch of a luxury perfume in her brand. 


Polianthes, A Sweet, and Sensual Marginpar Flower
Florist Teunis and Meabh (left) and Tanja Deurloo (right), a perfume designer, chemist, and founder of the luxury brand Annindriya


‘Tipsy Tuberose’, an extra special for Polianthes’ enthusiasts, was developed by emerging talent Meabh McCurtin. This is an ode to Irish whiskey and the Polianthes flower. Its idea comes from the Irish heritage of perfumer Meabh and, more specifically, the world-famous Irish Whiskey. It, therefore, is described as a ‘boozy’ perfume, with the whiskey element giving the tuberose a light and playful air. 

In the installation at the brand’s launch, Teunis created a unique space where guests could have a Polianthes experience surrounded by the sweet, creamy scent of these flowers and the aroma of Irish whiskey placed atop barrels. This enhanced their floral sensory journey!


Polianthes flowers and ‘Tipsy Tuberose’
A bottle of ‘Tipsy Tuberose’ next to vases of Polianthes


The installation’s design featured a remarkable contrast between robust wooden pillars and transparent glass vases, mirroring the edgy, clean aesthetic of the perfume. Polianthes Elle Pink, Polianthes Eva Cherise, and Polianthes Elsa Blush were used, with their sturdy stems complemented by the soft, dreamy touch of asparagus.

The Polianthes flowers, however, took center stage in the installation, ensuring that one fully appreciates their alluring presence and fragrance in the installation, which provided a truly immersive experience into the very essence of the floral scents.


Polianthes, A Sweet, and Sensual Marginpar Flower


Polianthes Tip

This flower blooms from bottom to top. You can, therefore, keep a bouquet of Polianthes fresh by removing the faded bottom flowers from the stem, which guarantees that you enjoy your bouquet even longer!

And with that, what’s evident is that if you’re looking for a romantic, sweet-scented bouquet or just a way to fill your home with a unique fragrance, then Polianthes is the perfect choice. It’s a flower that exudes a sensual character, charming anyone who encounters it.


Polianthes, A Sweet, and Sensual Marginpar Flower


How about you indulge in the sweet and sensual scent of this flower?


Photos by Jonna Bruinsma, courtesy of Marginpar and Annindriya.


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