Innovative Outdoor Spaces: The Intersection Of Horticulture And Home Decks

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When it comes to getting the most out of your exterior living space while making your yard more functional and enjoyable, it makes perfect sense to consider merging your horticulture and home deck innovations into one. By combining the beauty of plant life with the functionality of a professionally designed and executed deck, you can create a truly innovative outdoor space that will elevate your home’s curb appeal while making your living space more relaxing.

Not sure where to start? Here are some avenues to consider to motivate you. Your professional home deck builder can help you bring your vision to life.

Choosing Your Deck Design

As you think to yourself, ‘Where to find a deck contractor near me?’ also think about what you want to go into your deck design. Consider the style of deck you want — do you want a covered deck or a wide-open deck design? Do you want a square or octagon-shaped deck? A deck with a railing? Where do you want your staircase to be?


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You also want to consider what material to use in your deck. Common patio materials include natural wood — including water and insect-repellant cedar and redwood — as well as vinyl, composite, and other materials. If designing a deck around your yard’s landscape, consider choosing more natural materials like wood for your deck’s design. You can always stain or paint a deck in the color of your choosing to maximize your deck’s comfort and curb appeal.

Your deck contractor will assist you in choosing the right deck design, style, and construction for your home, including where to place your deck. It’s wise to place a deck in a private, sun-exposed area of your property, preferably outside a main entry door. Your decking choices will help you select the right plants and other shrubbery you want to incorporate into your exterior design later.

Choosing the Right Horticultural Appeal

What horticultural appeal are you hoping to achieve with your exterior decking? Do you wish to have privacy so you can enjoy your outdoor space with ease? Do you want to add beauty to your deck with exotic foliage and unique floral touches? Or do you simply want to add dimension to your patio or covered deck with simple shrubbery?

Below are some horticultural suggestions for your exterior deck to discuss with your deck contractor.


Selecting Arborvitae plant
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Arborvitae shrubbery grows fast and is an excellent choice for creating a natural privacy fence, especially if your deck faces a neighboring home. Plant these tall and textured shrubs (arborvitae are available in more than one variety) close to one another for an even tighter, more private natural fence line.


A lovely vine-type bush that grows quite tall and adds color and scent to your horticultural design is the honeysuckle. It’s ideal for decking because the branches of honeysuckle ‘climb’ fixed structures, adding texture and charm to your deck’s railings and sides as it grows. Consider Amur, Japanese, and Winter honeysuckle for your deck’s horticulture needs.


If you don’t consider yourself someone with a green thumb, turn to succulents to turn your deck into a peaceful, charming place to relax and take in nature. Succulents are easy to care for and require little watering. Succulents that are ideal for outdoor placement include the popular Hens and Chicks, Graptoveria, Sedum varieties, and even cactus.


Why not turn your deck into an aromatic culinary inspiration? Herbs are not only functional and useful plants to add to your deck and horticultural design, they’re beautiful and easy to care for as well. Lemon balm, dill, basil, and even peppermint and rosemary and tasty and decadent plants to add to your deck. Simply affix a planter box filled with your favorite herbs alongside your decking for a homestead-style appeal you’ll love.

Getting the Most Out of Your Deck With Horticultural Touches

Bringing nature to your hardscape design needs should be a rewarding experience. Consider your favorite types of plants and trees, as well as your overall gardening knowledge, when choosing plants for your deck’s adornment and to plant around your property. Some exotic and rare indoor plants can even work well on a covered deck, so don’t be afraid to take some of your interior nature pieces outside every once in a while.


Home horticultural practice
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Here are some tips for maximizing the intersection of horticulture and home decks on your property.

Start With Less Plants

Your deck shouldn’t be so crowded you can’t enjoy it. Limit potted plants to just a few on the deck, and place more around the base of your deck as needed. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your plants, keeping plant sun and shade needs in mind as you go.

Plant Shrubbery That Lasts

Dogwood trees, decorative bushes, and other shrubbery will not only grow and add dimension and depth to your decking area, but they’ll last for years. This maximizes your yard investment while giving you great value in your home.

Design Around Your Deck

It’s best to design plant life and other horticultural decor around your deck rather than your deck around your plant life. Your deck contractor will design and build a beautiful deck that will inspire your horticultural desires.

Wrapping Up

Once your deck is installed, have your deck contractor seal and inspect your deck periodically to ensure it’s in its best condition for years to come. Trim and care for your shrubbery to maintain your deck’s appearance for optimum curb appeal and enjoyment. Don’t forget to stain or otherwise seal your deck so it’s as weatherproof as possible so you can enjoy your decking throughout all seasons.

Above all else, don’t forget to add the final relaxing touches to this exterior living space, including chairs and lounge pieces, so you can enjoy your extended property whenever you wish!

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