India: Flower vendors struggle amid heatwave in Bengaluru

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Amidst the double whammy of extreme heat and parched conditions, flower vendors from the city market to local nurseries and flower shops, find themselves grappling with dire consequences as their businesses are severely hit.

As a response, some vendors have raised the price of flowers to ensure they sell them fresh before the day heats up while others are managing by selling them at usual prices throughout the day to sustain their livelihood.

Many vendors said that the absence of cold storage facilities to store flowers in the hot weather has affected their business.

“By 9 am itself, the flowers begin drooping under the harsh sun, giving them a dull appearance. There is no proper water source to refresh the flowers, nor do we have proper cold storage facilities. The customers demand fresh flowers but we do not have any alternatives,” a flower vendor at KR Market said.


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