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Plantanious is a nursery specializing in indoor and outdoor plants, run by the twin brothers Joost and Freek. Over the past few years, the business has experienced significant growth, partly due to its merger with Persoon Potplants. Currently, it spans an impressive 9.2 hectares. The most popular varieties cultivated include Ficus, Hibiscus, and Gerbera Garvinea.

What kind of company is Plantanious?
Plantanious is a true family run business. Joost and Freek are the third generation to run the company. The business started as a vegetable nursery, set up by the brothers’ grandfather. Subsequently, their father took over the company and transitioned to potted plants. Over the past twenty years, it has continued to evolve and adapt to meet the changing demands of the market.

What does Plantanious cultivate?
Plantanious cultivates indoor and outdoor plants. The indoor plant range includes four different varieties of Ficus. The outdoor plant range comprises colourful seasonal bloomers:

• Alstroemeria
• Gerbera patio XXL
• Gerbera Garvinea
• Limonium Salt Lake
• Solanum on stem
• Abutilon on stem
• Basilicum on stem
• Lantana on stem
• Heliotropium on stem
• Hibiscus on stem
• HibisQs bush

Where do the young plants come from?
The majority of young plants come from the Netherlands, approximately 95%. The remaining 5% are imported from Vietnam.

How does the cultivation process of Solanum proceed and what are the biggest challenges?
Growing Solanum requires patience. This plant spends almost 40 weeks in the greenhouse. During this time, the plant is pruned seven times to achieve a beautiful, round formed plant.
The biggest challenge is maintaining organic control over the product. Currently, 95% of the cultivation is organic. The goal, of course, is to work towards 100% organic cultivation.


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