Green Power Forward: “Together, we’ll fix it!”

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The ‘Green Power Forward’ campaign has launched. Specifically aimed at policymakers and politicians, the campaign is an initiative by Glastuinbouw Nederland, the Federation of Fruit and Vegetable Organizations, GroentenFruit Huis, Greenports Nederland, Flower Council Holland, Royal FloraHolland, Plantum, and the ornamental horticulture accelerators group.

On the campaign website, it reads:

“We join forces and unite our green power because we care about the world in which we grow, live, and work. We are aware of the challenges that the Netherlands faces and, as greenhouse growers, we are diligently working on innovative and sustainable solutions: moving away from gas and switching to solar energy, wind energy, green electricity, or geothermal energy. But also: sustainable and efficient cultivation on a small scale and responsible use of resources. Together, we’ve got this!”

The campaign video features various growers who are eager to continue their businesses in the Netherlands.

“We are the growers who are pioneering new paths, who embrace greening and take responsibility. We care about a green, sustainable future for the Netherlands.

We anticipate changing circumstances and take steps to cultivate more sustainably and efficiently. Although we have already made significant strides, we are not there yet. But we know: as long as you adapt, there will always be a place for you in the Netherlands to grow healthy products. Together, we’ve got this!”

The campaign aims to properly engage politicians and policymakers in the sector’s narrative. This proves not so simple, as recently seen again when statements by Klaas Knot and Frans Timmermans sparked a media storm.

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