From the neighbor around the corner to the southernmost point of Europe

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Located at the Royal FloraHolland Aalsmeer auction site in the Netherlands, we find All4You Flowers, a trading entity focusing on the buying and selling of cut flowers. For over 12 years, the company has been offering freshly sourced flowers to other trading entities daily. For their monthly feature, “Trade Talk”, Dekker Chrysanten spoke with Ruben Beelen, one of All4You Flowers’ owners and purchasers.

There’s always trade
For Ruben, it all started with the realization that spending time in classrooms didn’t make him happy, but trading seemed appealing. Being an Aalsmeer resident, and having had various flower-related jobs during his youth, stepping into the flower world was a natural choice. Starting as a tractor driver, Ruben worked his way up through various positions to become a buyer and eventually a co-owner of All4You Flowers. And still, Ruben goes to work happily every day, driven by the same enthusiasm for trade because trade is always there!

From the neighbor around the corner to the southernmost point of Europe
Where All4You Flowers originated 12,5 years ago from a former commission trader, the flowers are now traded far beyond the auction walls. All4You Flowers’ merchandise can be found in North, South, and Eastern Europe, among other places. Yet, the Aalsmeer-based company still serves many trading entities in and around the auction site too. Although All4You Flowers is based in Aalsmeer, they also buy daily from the Royal FloraHolland auctions in Naaldwijk and Rijnsburg (the Netherlands). Additionally, All4You Flowers imports a range of flowers from abroad, allowing them to offer the largest possible assortment to their customers.

The chrysanthemum
A significant portion of All4You Flowers’ offered assortment comprises chrysanthemums. Many colors, shapes, types, and sizes can be found in the wholesale’s cold store.” We try to have a bit of everything so we don’t have to say no to our customers,” says Ruben. The majority of the offerings are formed by Ruben through spray chrysanthemums, with white and yellow deco being the mainstays. In addition, All4You Flowers offers a package of santinis, with pompon-shaped varieties like Doria, Purpetta, Jeanny, and Peptalk being the absolute bestsellers. But even Madiba is starting to enjoy eager demand. Finally, some varieties of disbud chrysanthemums can also be found in All4You Flowers’ coldstore, including some Dekker varieties like Kalimba, Capriool, and Topspin.

When asked about his experience with Dekker as a breeder, Ruben says: “Pioneering is one of Dekker’s strengths. Introducing strong varieties to the market that are not only innovative but also have a proven future is where Dekker excels. ‘Euro’, a variety introduced by Dekker years ago, is still available on a daily basis. Continuity and reliability are crucial in this sector. We don’t promise things we can’t deliver, and we keep our promises.” The Dekker team adds: “With this mindset, we see All4You Flowers as a great partner, with whom we are happy to engage in collaboration for a colorful future!”

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