Flower fundis showcase blooms in Pniël

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The Pniël Congregational church hall was once again transformed into a colourful bouquet at the weekend, when the annual Chrysanthemum Show was hosted. On Friday (3 May), judging the hundreds of flowers, a panel of chrysanthemum experts was joined by a trainee judge.

“The Stellenbosch club is older than ours, which was founded in 1981 after a need for one was established,” said Richard Williams said.

The former school principal, who is secretary of the local club and himself a top chrysanthemum grower, was also secretary of the flower fair. “Growing these plants is a commitment, as it take nine months to grow and flowers only after seven months,” he explained.

“We have tried to get more young people involved with workshops, but they don’t seem to have an interest. However, the club has three new members and we are grateful for the new blood.”

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