Floral Wholesaler Jobs – Exploring Roles and Responsibilities

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The wholesale distribution sector forms the crucial link between flower farms and the retailers that eventually sell blooms to consumers. Floral wholesalers purchase fresh crops from global growers, process orders, and manage inventory to supply retail florists, event designers, and other industry buyers. This complex supply chain requires talented professionals across an array of roles to ensure smooth business operations.

For those seeking dynamic careers coordinating beautiful flowers, floral wholesale companies provide engaging opportunities to leverage your skills. This blog from Pollen Talent explores key positions and responsibilities within flourishing wholesale enterprises fueling the broader floral industry.

Floral Industry Careers Overview

The wholesale floral market has witnessed steady growth over the past decade, now valued at $8 billion in the US and expanding at a compounded annual rate nearing 5%. Supply and demand trends like imported varieties from tropical locales, custom orders for events, and consumers’ rising disposable incomes continue propelling the industry.

Wholesale companies specializing in flower distribution are well-positioned to benefit from robust market outlooks. Their critical hub connecting domestic and international farms to points of retail sale will only expand through expertise in building reliable supply chains.



Jobs in Floral Wholesale Companies 

Numerous exciting jobs, from account management to cross-border logistics to marketing keep wholesale operations running smoothly. Common positions include: 

Sales and Customer Service

Client-facing roles maintaining existing buyer relationships and converting new accounts through category expertise and stellar service.


Customer service and sales person


Procurement and Planning

Strategic sourcing of in-demand flower varieties balancing supply dynamics like seasonality, lead times, and inventory capacity to optimize sales throughput and freshness. This role demands good math skills and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

Warehouse and Logistics Management

Overseeing warehousing, processing orders, and managing shipping/transport of thousands of flower units daily via optimized protocols minimizing spoilage. You will work in cold temperatures and stand on your feet if you are working in the cooler. There are many different roles in logistics from management to drivers to packers.


Warehouse and logistics in wholesale


Marketing and Merchandising

Developing branded assets like catalogs, digital presence, and targeted campaigns alongside merchandising support and promotions to bolster sales.


Planification of content and marketing for wholesale


Administration and Support

Back office functions like payroll, compliance, facilities maintenance, and technology troubleshooting assist other business units smoothly and seamlessly.


Administration and support


Skills Needed to Thrive at Floral Wholesalers

Succeeding in fast-paced wholesale distribution demands strategic thinkers who blend analytical aptitude with a creative flair for beautiful blooms and solid working relationships. Essential capabilities include:

  •  Data-driven decision making 
  •  Multi-tasking in dynamic environments
  •  Collaboration and team leadership 
  •  Supply chain optimization
  •  Passion for exceeding expectations


Hard driven working person


While formal education isn’t mandatory, on-the-job experience, related certifications, and enthusiasm to continually expand one’s knowledge of the global floral industry are vital for growth.

Jobs That Foster Happy Moments in the Flower Industry

Wholesaling forms the pulsating heart of the floral industry ecosystem, keeping retailers stocked with the freshest flowers even during unpredictable demand shifts. Professionals who appreciate both analytical supply side complexities, as well as the artful beauty of botany, thrive in the sector’s diverse job opportunities like logistics, sales, and planning.

Floral wholesalers provide engaging, lively careers where strategic minds foster joyful moments through flowers internationally. Contact Pollen Talent’s floral experts or explore current openings if you’re seeking to spread your wings in wholesale distribution roles underpinning the worldwide floral market’s resilience. With robust training and growth prospects, wholesalers nurture talent that keeps our homes and celebrations flowering year-round.


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