Dutch Spring Trials 2024

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“It’s not about the quantity of visitors these days, it’s about their quality.” Like every year, the Dutch Spring Trails took place, previously they were known as the Pack Trails. During this event, many breeders open their doors to share the results of their trials with customers. The visitors came to view the trials of, in particular, the spring bloomers. Join us in this virtual tour of the Spring Trials.

Clockwise: Amelie Merschmann, Global Product Manager at Benary with the Non Stop Joy Mocca. Carola Mantel of Rijnsoever en René Knijn of Hem Genetics with the Shake. Viktoriia Taranenko of Prudac with the Tiny Tempations Orange. Hylke Kroon, Account and Product manager at Takii with the Trilogy Red Gen 2.

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Takii, MNP from Aalsmeer (the Netherlands), Syngenta Flowers/Floranova, Hem Genetics, ABZ Seeds, Prudac, and PanAmerican Seed jointly presented their ranges.

Another difference with the FlowerTrials, which will be held in a month and in which virtually all major floriculture breeders participate, is that the ‘show’ element plays a less prominent role. At the Dutch Spring Trials, the focus is more on tasting and comparing, on production and ‘fair’ comparison with the genetics of the competitor. This also means that the trials, although public, are mainly attended by appointment.

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