Day 2 at Goyang Flower Grand Prix

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Well-rested and back in shape, the ten designers for the Goyang Flower Grand Prix in South Korea did it again. They created outstanding designs, as well as the designer’s choice pieces as the surprise task, showing us just how skilled they are. The theme for the second task, a table for two, was earth and flowers. If you are curious about the first day, the theme was: “Showcase your infinite potential”. Read the article “Goosebumps at the Goyang Flower Grand Prix – Task 1”.

The new international competition Goyang Flower Grand Prix is organized by Jinny Park and Alex Choi, who won the Interflora World Cup 2015 in Berlin. Every year there is an international horticulture expo in Goyang, except during covid, and they love the cooperation that now comes to have this Grand Prix with designers from all over the globe. 

Friday 26th April

Task 2:

Theme: Earth and Flowers

Arrman Voskanyan, Armenia

The basis of creation is reason, time, and space. These three sources form life. I wanted to create life because it’s a miracle. From the dried-up earth, a huge flower of life sprouted, filled with unusual handmade flowers and branches. The metaphorical interpretation of the structure combined with living flowers evokes associations and leads us to the sensations of how, growing from the Earth, an entire life struggles to break through the clouds.
From the depths of the earth, where the secrets of centuries are hidden, this flower grew, like a symbol of renewal and rebirth.


“These last couple of months were hard because it was a short period to prepare the structures and make sure they were shipped in time. But it all worked out, I’m happy with my result. The competition has overall a high level, with many good designs.”

Jenny Thomasson, USA

These designs, “An Endless Future” and “Earth and Flowers”, are a source of inspiration and a welcomed approach to my personal mission of giving permission to create unapologetically and unfiltered in an effort to unlock the secrets of my own artistic expression and advanced exploration in floristry. 


“I love it! Surprise tasks are something I very much appreciate. It makes you get the best out of yourself and search for new limits. My designs turned out well, so I’m happy. I can’t wait for tomorrow, I’m ecstatic, ready to go on stage an honored to be here and represent the USA.”

Florence Ling, Hong Kong

The world is our garden.
The world is a delicate garden, where nature’s protection is as vital as any creation. While towering skyscrapers dazzle the eye, let us not forget the enchanting beauty of our natural landscapes. Can we dance in harmony with our surroundings, safeguarding and embracing them as one?


“After Covid, this is an awesome experience. For us, it’s also convenient it’s in South East Asia, and since it’s my first experience competing, I think I feel blessed, so far so good. To meet floral designers from all over the globe, is amazing, and you learn so much from them.”

Natalia Hoogenraad, Netherlands

DNA of the Earth: A Reflection on Resilience and Beauty
This floral installation, “DNA of the Earth,” presents a vivid dialogue between the Earth and its floral inhabitants, symbolizing a harmonious balance of life sustained by care and respect. Crafted from 96% recycled acrylic, reclaimed from the ocean’s depths in the Netherlands, it stands as a testament to the cycle of renewal and the hopeful interplay of nature’s resilience. The installation’s clear tubes, embracing orchid flowers, illustrate the Earth’s enduring beauty and the intricate relationship between flora and the environment. This transparent structure not only showcases the delicate beauty of flowers but also reflects our deep interconnectedness with the natural world, mirroring the DNA’s intricate design—the essence of life itself.
Through “DNA of the Earth,” we are invited to ponder our impact on the planet and the legacy we aim to create, emphasizing the critical role flowers play in our ecosystem’s health and beauty. It calls on us to cherish and protect this delicate balance, advocating for a life that honors our profound connection to nature. This piece is a celebration of the Earth and flowers, urging a commitment to sustainable living and a deeper respect for our planet’s future.


“I love the Asian vibes, it has influenced me in a way I like. Interesting to feel this. This is all organized so well, I’ve never competed before, much to see, and much to learn. My first two works turned out well, but with the surprise task, the bouquet, I broke a flower and somebody in front of my table laughed… I blocked. It’s part of the process: how do you cope with pressure, with the audience… Jinny Park, I’m in awe for everything you did for us, as competitors you feel they think about everything, I feel blessed to be here.”

Krisztián Kövér, Hungary

The diversity of flowers can be discovered everywhere on our planet. The shapes, smells, and colors of flowers are attractive not
only to us but also to animals, for birds, insects, and bugs they can be essential for survival. A table for two people, where you can sit with the people most important to you, surrounded by flowers of all colors of the world.


“The organization is good, but sometimes information gets lost in translation, people are so kind, and everybody is there to help. That feels comfortable.  Satisfied with my designs? Not really, but yes, maximalist.”

Aniko Kovacs, Canada

CLAY is a natural material that occurs in the Earth’s soil. CLAY is a decomposition product of other materials, such as feldspar. CLAY is soft, and loose and is an important part of soil because it contains nutritions that are essential to plant growth. This design uses CLAY as an all-natural, more sustainable, and environmentally friendly alternative to display botanicals. It represents an idea of renewal and reincarnation as CLAY can be recycled back where it came from, and all botanicals could be reborn through seeding… to EARTH.


“Isn’t it fantastic you get to meet so many floral friends? Learn from them, see new things, and exceed your limits. I’m happy with my work. I have a fantastic friend and assistant, Ania Norwood, love you! To the organization: hats were fabulous! Keep on doing what you do Jinny and Alex!”

Howard Pang, Macao

When I heard the title “earth and flowers”, the first thing that came to my mind was moss, so I chose the moss to form the shape of the table, those mosses are grown on flat boards and have a distance between each other, and flowers will grow from the empty space, which creates a little garden and gives a very strong feeling of nature.


“It was since 2019 that I attended an event like this. And that feels good. My designs worked out ok, I always want more and better, but very happy to be here after COVID.”

Daisuke Yamakawa, Japan

The gift of ”Soil” and ”Water”
”Soil” and ”Water” are the most essential things for human beings. This table decorations that overlap, intersect, and support each other. Planting firm roots in the earth.The interplay of expanding water patterns and plants. Represented by line and surface structure. 


“This was my first competition. What an experience. So good to see how everyone creates something completely different with the same materials. And also for the designer choice works, every one gets same theme, yet all designs are originals, real art.” 

Kim Jong Kook, South Korea

“The Golden Earth”
Let’s take a moment to listen to the hidden tales beyond this mysterious and unknowable universe and Earth. Then, right here, we’ll realize that in this fleeting moment, as a seemingly insignificant existence called “me,” we are not alone but connected to billions of years of history, breathing and coexisting together.


“I was excited and nervous at the same time, we practiced a lot and I was able to use one of the techniques on the Cornus during the surprise task. The bouquet. I’m happy to be part of this beautiful group. I learned a lot this week.” 


Hong Ye Chan, South Korea

The Time Flowers Decant
Through decanting, wine undergoes a process where sediments are filtered out, enhancing its flavor. Similarly, I can’t help but think that the blooming of flowers might be Earth’s way of decanting to reach its peak flavor. I’ve depicted the process of sediment filtration and the pursuit of the wine’s true essence through layering, using vivid colors to represent clarity. Additionally, I’ve visualized the enriched flavor of the wine by incorporating various flowers and materials.

I offer you the time when wine blossoms into its peak flavor, not through taste, but through vision. This is the resonance that flowers offer us. I invite you to a special feast on the golden earth.


“This is my first experience in a competition, I’m nervous but enjoying a great time, I have a good feeling when work is finished. For the surprise task, I believe we received good materials to be creative with. Maybe some not-botanical extras would have been nice.”

A Surprise Task Is Always Creating Some Extra Excitement

Task 3:


Produce a Hand-tied bouquet to award to the 1st place winner of the 2024 Goyang Flower Grand Prix. Make sure to construct a structure and design it harmoniously with flowers. The finished piece must be designed to be transportable.

Every designer made a different structure to create the bouquet. Creativity all over. 

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