Compotes for Eco-Friendly Design by Accent Decor in Company of Susan McLeary

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As people become more aware of the importance of sustainability, the floral industry is increasingly using sustainable mechanics. As floral designers adopt reusable and low-waste design methods, having access to the appropriate containers has become increasingly important. That’s where sustainable floral design educator Sue McLeary comes in, sharing a few recommendations for the best compote design features to help you and your arrangements shine.

Compotes for Eco-Friendly Design With Susan McLeary

Accent Decor’s Product Development Team collaborated with renowned floral artist and instructor, Susan McLeary, aka Passionflower Sue, on their most recent collection of compotes. Combining high style with intentional sustainable design features, these expertly designed compotes meet the needs of customers who crave new, stylish options allowing them to address their unique design needs with ease. But first, what is a compote?


Renowned floral designer Susan McLeary styling Accent Decor competes with flowers


The two most defining features of a compote, or compote bowl, are its circular shape and footed stem. Compotes are a popular choice for wedding and event decorations due to their unique shape. Floral designers frequently use compotes to create artful low centerpieces that do not obstruct conversations or mingling — ideal for special event decor. In addition to perfectly displaying flowers, compotes are widely used for food and decorative accent displays.


Accent Decors Compotes
Different compotes for a more sustainable floral design approach


What is Sustainable Floristry?

Sustainable floral design is a growing movement that encourages people to question traditional methods and make decisions that reduce their negative impact on the environment and its inhabitants. It is a multifaceted movement with numerous considerations. Design considerations include waste reduction, the rejection of single-use plastics, the reuse of mechanics and supplies, and the responsible recycling and composting of green waste. Traditional floral design mechanics and methods are being challenged, and more florists are adopting gentler design solutions. For years, the floral industry has relied heavily on single-use design mediums to produce consistent and efficient work. Now, that waste-heavy solution is being set aside in favor of innovations and classic mechanics such as chicken wire, tape grids, natural armatures, and pin frogs.

Why Are Compotes a Good Idea and How Will They Help Your Floral Creations?

According to Sue, compotes with a hollow foot give designers more depth and space to create artful, sprawling arrangements. The hollow foot is also ideal for anchoring larger natural elements and nestling a flower frog. The new, stunning Cassio Compote by Accent Decor has an open foot and comes in two sizes.


Newest Cassio compote by Accent Decor

The Cassio Compote allows the creation of magnificent floral designs


If you’re a long-time fan of the Orion Compote, the Cassio is a stylish alternative. The tried-and-true Elijah Compote on the other hand has an open foot.


Orion Compote for floral designs

The Orion Compote


The white Elijah Compote

The Elijah Compote


Deeper compote bowls are both visually appealing and highly functional. The added depth allows for larger amounts of water, which helps to keep flowers hydrated for longer. Furthermore, sustainable mechanics such as chicken wire and natural armatures are well-supported but hidden from view. The new Harlow Footed Bowl has a lot of depth and, as a bonus, it fits perfectly inside the long-loved Harlow Stand, allowing for large elevated arrangements.


Harlow series accesories

Harlow Bowl


Harlow Footed Bowl

Harlow Stand


The Capricorn and Cassio Compotes on the other hand feature a cool rolled lip design. This thoughtful touch minimizes water sloshing during transportation or event setup. Furthermore, the lip keeps mechanics securely in place because all in all, a secure arrangement is a successful one.


Capricorn Compote

Capricorn Compote


Access to compotes in a variety of shapes and materials is important for all designers looking to flex their artistry. The Isabella Compote has a marbleized opal finish while the Kuta Bowl, made from terracotta, offers an unexpected textured finish. Both are ideal for eco-friendly design thanks to ample depth. Access to a variety of eco-friendly containers with varied colors, shapes, and heights is always a good look!


Isabella Compote

Isabella Compote


Kuta Bowl by Accent Decor

The Kuta Bowl is also perfect for floral designs


For more creative inspiration, discover the full assortment of wholesale decor, including home, plant, and flower products, visit Accent Decor’s website.

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