Certificate in Floristry: Top 7 Degree Programs

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If you are in love with flowers and plan to become a professional in the floristry industry, it will be a good idea to get into a degree program. A floristry degree program is intended to prepare students for a career in the industry by providing them with the required skills and knowledge.

Floristry degree programs are typically offered at the associate or bachelor’s degree level, with some institutions offering certificate programs as well. Typically, students will have theoretical courses with hands-on experience, allowing them to learn the skills they need to design and arrange floral compositions. Nearly every program will require students to write essays and other academic papers, so those students who wish to concentrate more on practical skills can ask professional writers for coursework help.

At the floristic course, students may also study plant biology, marketing, horticulture, and business management to prepare for careers in the floral industry. Graduates of these programs may go on to work in flower shops, event planning companies or start their own businesses.


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Top 7 Floristry Degree and Certificate Programs

1) Mississippi State University – Floral Management

Degree: Bachelor

Scholarships: Available

This course gives students the information and skills they need to excel in the floral industry, including plant design and horticulture, as well as business and scientific studies. Moreover, the program has a 10-week floral internship program so that students can get real 400-480 hours of work experience in a floristic company during the summer semester. The University holds a professional flower shop and provides job opportunities to its students.

Graduates of this program can pursue careers as florists, event planners, floral designers, managers, garden designers, and more.

2) Texas A&M University – Horticulture

Degree: Bachelor of Art

Scholarships: Available

This degree program allows students to get a thorough education in traditional horticulture combined with social sciences, business, and art. With an additional minor, you will have an opportunity to emphasize your activities to a particular specialization like floristic decoration, landscape design, education, etc.

With a basic understanding of botany, social sciences, creative arts, and management, you will have a solid foundation for building your own business or becoming a professional in your sphere. Also, you can earn an additional certificate in floral design.

3) City College of San Francisco – Floral Design

Degrees: Associate, Certification

Scholarships: Not available

The City College of San Francisco offers various educational programs covering various floristry aspects. Students can learn about color theory, floral management, catering, floral supply, design principles, and the different types of flowers and plants used in the industry. You can choose from several programs:

  • Floristry associate degree
  • Oriental floral design certificate
  • Retail floristry certificate
  • Floral and special events coordinator certificate

You can opt between online and mixed educational programs.

4) University of Missouri – Floral Artistry and Management

Degree: Undergraduate certificate

Scholarships: Nor available

The University of Missouri offers a Floral Design and Management undergraduate certificate program that combines coursework in floral design with business management and marketing courses. This program will be great for those students who wish to improve their knowledge of special occasions and wedding design. Moreover, the course provides lessons in retail floral management with a writing intensive. If writing is not your cup of tea, you can ask professional writers to “do my essay.”

Consider that the program is available online only. This certificate can be earned independently or as an addition to your bachelor’s program.

5) Michigan State University – Horticulture with a Concentration in Floriculture

Degree: Bachelor of Science

Scholarships: Available

Michigan State University offers a Horticulture degree program with a concentration in Floriculture that includes courses in floral design, plant propagation, and greenhouse management. Students also have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through internships and research projects.

Graduates of the Horticulture program can find themselves in the roles of florists, public garden managers, buyers, and wholesale distributors, marketing managers of fresh flowers and floral arrangements, and much more. Students are welcome to volunteer in the MSU Horticulture gardens to improve their knowledge and skills about plants and flowers.

6) Western Kentucky University – Floristry

Degree: Minor in Floristry

Scholarships: Available

This program is a great addition to your horticulture, management, and hospitality major. To earn a floristry minor, you must pass 21 hours studying floral design, basics of horticulture, greenhouse maintenance, floral wedding design, and management of floral shops. Graduates of the program will be prepared with the knowledge and abilities needed to excel in the competitive floral business.

Kentucky University provides students with a comprehensive education in the art and science of floral design. With a focus on the industry’s artistic and business aspects, this program prepares students for a successful career in the exciting and creative field of floral design.

7) Southwestern College – Floral Design

Degree: Associate, Certification

Scholarships: Not available

This course will provide you with the information and skills needed to establish your own floral business or manage an existing one, as well as insights into the industry’s current trends and approaches. Additionally, you will learn about selling techniques, business planning, digital photography, and presentation skills.

You can choose between an associate program and a certificate of achievement. Typically, programs take two semesters to complete.

Upon completion of the Floral Design program at Southwestern College, graduates can find employment in a variety of settings, including floral shops, event planning companies, and even as freelance designers. Some graduates may choose to start their own businesses, opening their own floral shops or event planning businesses.

Wrapping Up

All in all, education is good at any age. If you wish to know more about plants and explore how to create a sustainable environment with your floristic skills, choose bachelor programs connected to horticulture. It will give you a wide variety of options if you decide to shift from a floristic business. But if floristry is your dream job, it will be enough to get an appropriate certificate and dive into the florist industry.

P.S. Don’t skip the opportunity to participate in internships or apprenticeships to gain practical experience and build professional connections in the industry. This might be advantageous for students wishing to pursue a career in floristry and obtain hands-on experience prior to entering the profession.


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