Celebrating floristry as an art form

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Episode 2 of ‘Masterpieces by Sam’

Masterpieces is the FM Group’s ambassador program that aims to highlight the craft of floristry. FM Group aims to celebrate floristry as a true art form and to position florists as artists and interpreters of human emotions.

‘Masterpieces by’ is one of the elements of Masterpieces in which florist Samantha Wilhelm tells the story behind her inspiration and the Masterpiece through slow TV. In this second episode of Masterpieces by Sam, the Dutch rose shapes a special creation interpreting the Retro Country theme combined with the modern art movement: Cubism. This Masterpiece was made possible by the Dutch growers of the Avalanche+® and of the Red Naomi.

“It is an episode to sit back and be inspired by Sam’s vision and talent,” the FM Group states. Episode two ‘Masterpieces by Sam: Retro Country’ is now live to watch here.

You can watch the first episode ‘Masterpieces by Sam: Impressionism’ here.

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