Baptizing of the New Tomas de Bruyne Tulip

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Tomas de Bruyne, the world-renowned florist from Belgium, recently celebrated a momentous occasion—the naming and baptizing of a new tulip variety in his honor. This tradition, deeply rooted in Dutch culture, represents one of the highest honors in the floral design community. The tulip, known for its stunning two-tone white and pink petals with a fringed texture, reflects the intricate and beautiful structures for which de Bruyne is known.

The Ceremony Was Held in a Tulip Field

The event was intimate, and attended by close friends and colleagues, including breeder and grower Frank Timmerman of S. Schouten nursery, who personally reached out to de Bruyne for this honor. De Bruyne, touched by the gesture, expressed his deep honor and pride. The celebration wasn’t just about the christening of the tulip but also a reflection of de Bruyne’s profound contributions to floristry and his optimistic outlook on life. The event featured delicate touches, like champagne, to celebrate this significant milestone.


Pictures by Alex Mateiu


It was a beautiful ceremony where some other floral designers also were present, as well as other people from the industry. Kristina Rimienė, who helped to build the installation in the flower field from G&K Reus: 

“It was a great experience to work on your floral project together with such a great team!!! And it was so nice to see you all!”


Tomas de Bruyne Tulip Kristina Rimiene
Kristina Rimienė with Tomas de Bruyne and Frank Timmermans (and son!


Piet van Kampen:

“A unique tulip christening! In downright spectacular and unprecedented fashion, this particularly beautiful and distinctive tulip was christened on Friday 25 April 2024, and now bears the name of Tomas De Bruyne!”


The Tomas de Bruyne Tulip
Picture by Kristina Rimienė


Legacy and Recognition

The newly named ‘Tomas de Bruyne’ tulip is set to be registered officially by the Royal General Association for bulb cultures, ensuring that Tomas de Bruyne’s legacy in the floral industry is remembered for generations. This radiant pink tulip not only carries the name of a master florist but also symbolizes the beauty and endurance of nature, celebrated by those who know and admire de Bruyne’s work.


Certificate of the baptism of the Tomas de Bruyne Tulip
Picture by Alex Mateiu


This significant event not only marks the addition of a new, beautiful tulip to the world but also commemorates the lifelong passion and dedication of Tomas de Bruyne to the art of floristry. As the ‘Tomas de Bruyne’ begins to bloom in gardens and collections, it will serve as a living tribute to creativity and beauty in the floral world.


Picture by Alex Mateiu

Header and featured picture by Alex Mateiu

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