At the 2024 IFTEX Thursd Celebrates the Beauty and Bounty of Kenyan Flowers

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As this year’s International Floriculture Trade Expo (IFTEX), an event that shines a well-deserved spotlight on the wonders of plants and flowers, more so Kenyan flowers, takes place, Thursd delights in showcasing the magnificence of this East African country’s blooms and also looks forward to forging new connections and demonstrating how its platform is essential for success in this dynamic industry.

Just as everyone knows, when it comes to the floriculture world, the Kenyan contribution to this industry is truly commendable, and Thursd, a platform known for enhancing floral connections, is honored to be a part of the country’s continued growth and prosperity. After all, Thursd generally plays a role in enhancing IFTEX’s role of cultivating global floral connections.

A Unique and Rich Floral Destination in the World of Flowers

If you’ve ever seen and admired the lively hues, or the exquisite forms of a bouquet made up of Kenyan roses, chrysanthemums, gypsophylas, and lilies, or perhaps just perceived the exquisitness of the country’s other stunning floral offerings, then you’ve, definitely, experienced the sheer beauty that this East African nation’s floriculture industry has to offer to the world of flowers.


The Georges Delbard stand at a past IFTEX.
Photo by HPP Exhibitions


From the greenhouses in the open fields where the delicate floral petals develop into a flowerful delight, to the far-flung destinations across the world where their beauty and fragrance delight, Kenyan flowers are truly a gift to witness.

And this is a sentiment that Thursd wholeheartedly shares; the notion that Kenya is among the most unique, fascinating, and rich floral destinations anywhere in the world, with its wide array of flowers. What’s more, the country is blessed with, perhaps, the most conducive weather conditions for flower cultivation, and the employees of the flower farms – from the farm workers to the managers –  are among the most skilled and hardworking.


Thursd Celebrates the Beauty and Bounty of Kenyan Flowers at IFTEX
Thursd’s Regine Motmans with the staff of Black Tulip Group at the 2023 IFTEX.
Photo by HPP Exhibitions


As a platform dedicated to connecting flower and plant enthusiasts, Thursd has made it a mission to showcase the splendor and significance of the global floriculture trade. And the Kenyan flower industry holds a special place in the very core of the platform’s activities.

That’s why the team at Thursd – including myThursd, the new kid on the floral block – is thrilled to be participating in this year’s IFTEX, an event that turns the spotlight on recognizing how much the Kenyan flower industry offers to the world of flowers.


Thursd Celebrates the Beauty and Bounty of Kenyan Flowers
XFlora Group stall at a previous IFTEX.
Photo by @sekainohanaya 


Celebrating the Unique Roles of Everyone in the Kenyan Flower Industry

In the exchanges with breeders, growers, wholesalers, florists, and other industry professionals, the goal of Thursd is to amplify the message that this is not just a flower platform, but also a champion for the people and products that make the Kenyan flower trade flourish.

From the dedicated farm workers who meticulously tend to each bloom, to the savvy managers who supervise multifaceted logistics, every member of the Kenyan flower value chain plays a vital role. And Thursd is here to celebrate them all.


Thursd Celebrates the Beauty and Bounty of Kenyan Flowers at IFTEX
Flower farm employee harvests hypericums. Not just roses, Kenya is a big producer of summerflowers as well.
Photo by @benevflora


It is their passion, expertise, and sheer hard work that go into cultivating flowers that are fit for the global market; because these flowers don’t just happen by chance, they are the result of immense labor, innovation, and dedication.

Thursd’s commitment to the Kenyan flower industry runs deeper than just recognition. This is a platform that’s here to connect, educate, and empower everyone in the industry. Through the platform’s user-friendly interface, Thursd aims to help growers, wholesalers, florists, retailers, and even consumers discover new varieties, learn about best practices, and share their insights and experiences.


Thursd Celebrates the Beauty and Bounty of Kenyan Flowers at IFTEX
Floral settings that capture the essence of IFTEX.
Photo by HPP Exhibitions.


After all, a rising tide lifts all boats, and by uplifting the Kenyan flower trade as a whole, Thursd believes that everyone involved can thrive.

Header and feature image by HPP Exhibitions.

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