Zentoo appoints Dries Eikens as Director

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Zentoo, a collective of 15 chrysanthemum growers, has appointed Dries Eikens (49) as its director. Dries has held positions in various import and export companies within the ornamental horticulture sector. Since 2012, he had been working for the breeding company Selecta one, where he held executive roles overseeing the production sites in Kenya and was responsible for the establishment and realization of a new production site in Ethiopia.

In recent years, Zentoo has expanded to 24 production locations and an assortment of more than 100 varieties of chrysanthemums.

Farewell to Arjan van der Voort
As of April 1, 2024, Arjan van der Voort (Operational Director) will conclude his duties at Zentoo and retire. A farewell reception was held on March 21 with colleagues and associates to bid him goodbye.

Role of Edwin Steenbergen
In the coming months, Edwin Steenbergen (General Director) will further orientate Dries Eikens. By the end of June, Edwin will hand over his last operational tasks to him. From that point on, the leadership of Zentoo will be in the hands of Dries Eikens and the management team that has been appointed and trained over the past years. Edwin Steenbergen will continue to be involved part-time as the chairman of the Supervisory Board and for several (strategic) projects.

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