XI International exhibition on Floriculture & Green Industry in Kazakhstan

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On 10 April 2024, the XI International Exhibition on Floriculture & Green Industry was officially opened in Astana, Kazakhstan. About 20 Dutch companies took part in this exhibition, bringing their flowers and florists and ready to share their knowledge and experience in this area.

Ambassador of the Netherlands to Kazakhstan, Nico Schermers, participated in the opening ceremony and together with the Agricultural Counsellor of the Embassy, Arie Veldhuizen, made a tour around the Dutch companies & participants of the exhibition, discussing cooperation between the Dutch and Kazakhstani businesses, the challenges that companies face in Kazakhstan and possibilities for future development.

With the support of the Dutch Embassy in Kazakhstan, there were presentations made by Dutch flower and plant producers, namely: “Green Works International,” “Decorum Company,” “Royal Flora Holland,” and “WF LEENEN” on growing peonies, ranunculus, daffodils, about new logistical routes and other interesting topics. The audience could enjoy a flower show by a talented top designer and florist Mark Frank from “Flower Circus”.

Agricultural Counsellor, Arie Veldhuizen, and the representative of the “Royal Flora Holland” Jeroen Boon took part in the morning programme at Khabar national TV channel programme and shared views on cooperation in the flower sector between the two countries.

Flower markets
Kazakhstan has a very developed culture of giving flowers and the demand for expensive flowers. Currently, 80% of the products in the flower market of Kazakhstan are imported. About 70% of the total volume of imported flowers is consumed by Almaty and Astana. The Netherlands is the 2nd largest exported of flowers to Kazakhstan after Ecuador. Ecuador is the main supplier, and the Netherlands and Colombia are also major suppliers of roses. Next in popularity is chrysanthemum, the Netherlands is in the lead. A lot of carnations are imported to the Republic, the main suppliers are Colombia and the Netherlands. Imports of such species as gerbera, orchid, gypsophila and others are growing. Currently, the flower market in Kazakhstan is recovering. All the players confirm his significant growth. Wholesale companies are increasing their turnover.

Source: agroberichtenbuitenland.nl

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