‘Wow’ to Porta Nova’s Red Naomi Roses

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I want to share my story on how one hundred of Porta Nova’s Red Naomi roses inspired me to create some delightful Mother’s Day designs. I hope you like what you see because I hope to inspire you to create a lovely design for this upcoming celebration as well.

When these red roses arrived at our shop Ivy Flowers & Chocolates in Bahrain, we were blown away by their length, their strong stems, and their big, shiny, and beautiful buds!

My Mother Is My Night and Day, My Sun and My Moon

So my head started spinning immediately about what to create for Mother’s Day. Once I saw them, my first idea was not good enough anymore. These roses are bigger, and more classy than any of the roses I saw before.

Usually, I come up with ideas of design from my own imagination. Before I start preparing a floral arrangement I close my eyes and make a drawing in my mind.


Kazi Sagar with Red Naomi roses


My biggest inspiration for these designs I created with Porta Nova’s Rose Red Naomi was my Mom; she is the one who always thinks of me, caring for me day and night.

So I made one ’round bouquet’ inspired by the sun, symbolizing a day. Our moms spend their daytime thinking of us and caring for us.

And I made a ‘crescent bouquet’ inspired by the moon, symbolizing a night. Even she spent a night dreaming about us.

One of the things that’s in my mother’s nights was my education: I didn’t complete my graduation. And now I feel very sad about it. Education is very very important. But it’s even more important to make sure your story is told, in whatever way you want. To express your story through flowers and plants is a really beautiful thing to do. My Mother’s Day Bouquets are to me the perfect way to show that I care and that I’m sorry.

Mother’s Day & Trends

Trends are really important to me. I’m not just following trends, but I also hope I’m a person that sets the trend. For this Mother’s Day, the Red Naomi Roses from Porta Nova will shine in these trendy bouquets like the sun and the moon. I try to stay on top of everything going on in fashion and home interior, often there you can see the same colors popping up. Red is a color that especially when it’s all about love, speaks passion and care.

Creating My Own Brand via myThursd

Since 2017 I have been in the floral business. I don’t have a shop myself, I am working as a floral designer and event planner at Ivy in Bahrain. But, in the future, if I have the opportunity I plan to open a flower shop, that’s my biggest dream. So I can bring my signature style and people will recognize my style. So to have more experience is better to create my own brand.

Therefore, I love myThursd. As a Floral Designer, it’s an honor to work with myThursd. It’s a great platform and a great opportunity for a florist to be able to take challenges, create unique designs, and explore the floral world.

And I thank Porta Nova for the opportunity to work with their fantastic Red Naomi roses. I want to describe these in one word: WOW!

Honestly, to me, Porta Nova’s Red Naomi Rose is the best premium quality red rose that I have ever used now in my eight years of experience. It has such a perfect red color with a velvety shade, a large flower head, a long stem, and a subtle scent.

So, big appreciation to myThursd and Porta Nova giving me the opportunity to work with those red beauties.

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