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Royal FloralHolland is convinced that it can only fulfill its ambition to be the international floriculture marketplace of the future through cooperation with growers, buyers and employees. The world is changing at lightning speed. And Royal FloraHolland is changing with it. “With today’s challenges, we understand better than anyone that logistics must be flexible, efficient, and reliable. Logistics connect the entire chain, from grower to buyer. As the spider in the web, Royal FloraHolland sees opportunities to organize that chain together with logistics partners, growers & buyers in a smarter and more customer-oriented way,” the company team explains.

A stable and reliable partner
Gert Jan van der Vijver, director at Floral Sourcing and Flower Wholesaler Van der Vijver says: “Royal FloraHolland is a stable partner for us. Communication is smooth, we are informed in time of changes and have fine contact with the Customer Contact Centre. Furthermore, there is a lot of attention to process improvement. This helps us build a professional organization. Thanks to the cooperation, we can serve our customers in a timely manner.”

According to Gert Jan, many steps have been taken in the right direction in recent years: “Our flowers arrive on time, which is important because we ship a lot the same day. “Our flowers arrive on time, which is important because we ship a lot the same day. Our large flower stock and early Connect deliveries make a difference. We are very satisfied with the steps FloraHolland has taken in recent years, such as improved logistics processes.”

For example, he is curious what Floriway can offer as a logistics provider in the future. He is also considering using next year’s peak time slot, Select Delivery 11:00 – 15:00, to spread out more and make smarter use of space.

Still, Gert Jan also has tips for Royal FloraHolland: “One area for improvement is speeding up processes of reclamation and tracking down lost products, as these delays disrupt our process.”

The power of cooperation
Working together with Royal FloraHolland and with their own customers is something Gert Jan considers essential for success: “Floral Sourcing is ambitious and future-oriented. We unburden line operators and wholesalers in Europe with their sourcing and with our wide daily fresh stock of flowers and plants. We enable customers to concentrate fully on sales while we take care of purchasing and logistics. Together with Royal FloraHolland, we aim to provide good service and quality. Our goal is to be a reliable and flexible partner ready to serve our customers.”

Royal FloraHolland helps Floral Sourcing to achieve that goal. Gert Jan: “The cooperation between our company and Royal FloraHolland has helped us build a solid foundation and serve our customers better. We face the future with confidence and are ready to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing market together with Royal FloraHolland. With continuous innovation and improvement in our processes, we continue to strive for an efficient, flexible and reliable logistics chain. Only together can we fulfil the ambition to be the international floriculture marketplace of the future.”

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