“Within two years, all our sodium lamps will be replaced by the RED solution”

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After a first convincing test with RED Horticulture on 2500m2, the Noordam Plants company decided to extend the RED LED solution to 15000m2. “Within two years, all our sodium lamps will be replaced by the RED solution,” Martin Noordam, General Manager, Noordam Plants.

Noordam’s lighting installation was comprised of 1000-watt SON-T (sodium). The high power consumption and lack of functionality have caused Martin to turn to LED. Equipped only with an ON/OFF system, the SON-T lamps were not able to adapt to the needs of the crop, whether in terms of wavelengths or in terms of light intensity. “Overall, growers emphasize homogeneity. In terms of young plants, working with a large number of varieties also prioritizes the flexibility of the solution. For tomatoes, peppers, or cucumbers, light requirements differ. But for each variety, we must also know how to adapt from one day to another.” Martin Noordam, General Manager, Noordam Plants.

Impressed by RED’s experience regarding this innovation in smart LED, Martin selected RED two years ago to conduct a first trial over a surface area of 2500m2 equipped with RED T lighting. As the trial of the RED solution met the expectations of the Noordam teams, an expansion of the RED-illuminated surface was carried out last year on over 1.5 hectares. RED T 680 lighting delivers power equivalent to that of 1000-watt HPS lamps and enables energy savings of up to 60%. Very satisfied with collaborating with RED Horticulture, Martin Noordam wishes to replace the entirety of his lighting system with the RED solution.

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