Wisps of Willow offers specialty florals, unique home decor in Virginia Beach

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At age 16, Jordan Lee started working as a cashier at The Fresh Market in the Hilltop area of Virginia Beach. He had no idea that it would lead to a blooming career years later as owner of Wisps of Willow, a specialty floral and gift shop located in the ViBe Creative District.

Quickly after starting his cashier job, he started helping out in the grocer’s floral department during the major holidays. “I was very excited to help because I’ve always loved flowers,” Lee said. “My mom has a huge green thumb, and I remember my grandma’s love for her rose garden.”

Eventually, Lee was running the Hilltop Fresh Market’s floral department, opening new locations and training other florists. To learn more about the business, he interned at Heidi’s Flowers in Chambord Commons while simultaneously working at Fresh Market.

“Jane, the owner, taught me some tricks of the trade that I desperately needed,” Lee said. “It turned into a great friendship.”

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