Why growing flowering pot plants actually works in vertical farms

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“Vertical farming is often used to grow lettuce and baby leaves, which are relatively inexpensive crops. Despite this, its cultivation is using the most expensive systems. Therefore, vertical farming might be better suited for high-value flowering plants or areas with challenging growing conditions”, says Marco van Herk, Commercial Director at Anthura BV.

Specializing in plant genetics, this breeder provides comprehensive knowledge, advice and guidance to support greenhouse growers, and recently set its senses on CEA – vertical farming systems. “Our core business is breeding varieties that can be grown anywhere, among which vertical farming conditions. We also provide sterile tissue culture plants to ensure disease-free cultivation”, explains Marco van Herk.

The company’s extensive testing has demonstrated the suitability of their varieties for vertical farms, as Marco puts it, ensuring that growers can achieve success even in less-than-ideal locations. Anthura is not just focused on providing plant varieties but is also ambitious in collaborating with system providers that can offer the necessary technology and setups for vertical farms.

“We are looking for partners who can deliver vertical farming systems and make the necessary adjustments, while we provide suitable varieties and explain the cultivation conditions,” says van Herk. This collaboration ensures that the technical setup is exactly tailored to the specific needs of the plants and location, making it a viable option for high-value cultivation.

Removing weather liabilities
Zooming in on the benefits of having a local production facility in the area, cutting down the footprint and related logistics costs, Anthura is advocating for adopting vertical farms where it actually does make sense. For example, in regions where climate is challenging for outdoor growers or in greenhouses.

“Transporting orchids to the Middle East creates a large carbon footprint. Cultivating them locally in vertical farm systems with renewable energy sources like solar power is a more sustainable solution,” van Herk emphasizes.

Showcasing at GreenTech
At GreenTech, Anthura will showcase the results of their research and development efforts where visitors will see firsthand the minimal differences between crops grown in traditional greenhouses and those in CEA setups.

“This year, we are focusing more on the cell-grown products, demonstrating the technology and lighting used to achieve these results highlighting the potential of vertical farming to interested parties, particularly those from regions with challenging climates,” says van Herk.

In short, this is the solution to grow plants optimally, precisely where they are wanted.

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