Why do people give each other yellow flowers on March 21 in Mexico?

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In Mexico and other Latin American countries, it has become customary to give people yellow flowers on March 21. Find out the origins of this viral trend.

Yellow flowers are once again trending on social media and across the internet, following last year’s viral hit that started on TikTok and saw people give away sun-colored flowers during the month of March in Mexico and several other Latin American countries. Read on for all the details on the origin of the trend and its links to the arrival of spring.

Why did people start giving each other yellow flowers?
The origin of the most recent trend on TikTok comes from “Flores Amarillas” (“Yellow Flowers”) a musical version of the Argentine novel Floricienta, in which a young woman works as a babysitter in the house of the Fritzenwalde family, located in Florence. The novel tells the story of how the parents die and the eldest son, Federico, has to take care of his siblings. Over time, he falls in love with Floricienta, the babysitter.

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