Why Beyoncé is sending white flowers to country stars?

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With the launch of her groundbreaking country music album, “Cowboy Carter,” Beyoncé has been sending flowers. To Jack White. To Mickey Guyton. To K.Michelle.

But not just any floral bouquet. These are ALL white flowers. White anemones. White hydrangeas. White ranunculus. White roses.

As a floral historian, the choice of a white flower carries symbolic meanings.

Beyoncé’s entry into country music is being noted for how few black artists thrive in that genre. Hence, her floral gift goes to Mickey Guyton and K. Michelle, who have paved the way.

But white flowers are also the color used purposely and intentionally to support women’s rights. In 1913, the National Woman’s Party in the U.S. explained that “White is the emblem of purity symbolizing the quality of our purpose,” while gold is the color of light and life as a torch that guides our purpose.

To counter that women who wanted their rights and the ability to have a voice in the culture were not ugly and to be dismissed, the women wore white. Not only white dresses and white sashes but also often carried white flowers.

In her bouquet note to K. Michelle, Beyoncé wrote, “I know it’s not easy to enter a new space.”

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