What makes this begonia special is the speed with which it can be grown

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During this year’s FlowerTrials, breeder Koppe Begonia will present a series of new Begonia varieties.The most striking introduction is the Hailey Yellow begonia, a novelty that, according to the company, is a real breakthrough. In this article André Vreugdenhil, commercial director at Koppe Begonia, gives more information.

Hailey Yellow, in a Dutch grower’s greenhouse

The Hailey Yellow is the third variety in the Hailey series and is characterized by a full round plant form, and excellent consumer characteristics. The variety, which has been around for several years, also stands out in cultivation. “What makes this begonia special is the speed with which it can be grown. What’s more, it can be grown year-round. Many varieties have trouble getting through the winter months due to a lack of light, but the Hailey Yellow also thrives when there’s less light.”

Hailey Sunset at a Dutch grower

The Hailey varieties can be excellently grown in combination with the red Halo. This variety has quickly become a leader within the red segment. After its introduction 2 years ago, 60% to 70% of the red begonias grown in the Netherlands now consist of Halo. This clearly illustrates the success of this variety.

The begonia maculata Spotlight Green (detail)

International availability and sustainable production
Last year, Koppe Begonia already presented the Hailey Yellow on a small scale at the FlowerTrials. However, this year’s introduction will be more large scale. Dutch growers are enthusiastic about the variety. The company expects that the plant will be worldwide available next year, meaning that Easter 2025 can be brightened up with Hailey Yellow.

Cuttings, and in particular the unrooted part, are often produced in Portugal. This country’s climatic conditions are ideal for cultivation thanks to the combination of sun and cool air from the Atlantic Ocean. “This results in strong cuttings that eventually require less energy during cultivation, because that energy is already there,” André says.

Mocca Orange

Innovation and sustainability
Aside from the Hailey Yellow, Koppe also introduces new varieties within other series such as the Florencio series for outdoor begonias. This series is distinguished by flowers that stand upright, which improves their visual appeal. In addition, these varieties have a high resistance to botrytis and mildew. The varieties are available in eight different colors. This year a double-flowered Florencio will be introduced at the FlowerTrials.


Begonia maculata Spotlight is a completely new series. The botanical variant is characterized by moderate branching. Yet, Koppe Begonia has managed to develop varieties that can quickly produce a full plant with a short cultivation period.

You are invited to visit Koppe Begonia during Flower Trials at their location Rietwijkeroordweg 40 in Aalsmeer, the Netherlands

Florencio Double Salmon

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