“What I love about farming is, your ground is your palette”

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“It is a passion. That is the best way I know how to put it,” said Jill Forrester of her 20 years spent as a specialty crop farmer in northeast Arkansas. From the fields to the high tunnel greenhouses, Jill works alongside her husband, Keith growing food and flowers on their operation, Whitton Farms in Mississippi County.

There, they grow all sorts of vegetables, from arugula to zucchini, and Jill specializes in cut flower production, herbs, and garden transplants. Farm fresh offerings are sold at either their roadside storefront in Whitton or distributed through their attendance at regional farmers markets from Jonesboro, Ark. to Memphis, Tenn.

This past year, Jill even launched a seasonal business in residential and commercial landscaping, yet her talents clearly span beyond having a green thumb. She also teaches monthly floral design classes creates custom flower arrangements, helps Keith with his canning operation, and hosts tours of the family farm for school aged children.

Jill describes her work in agriculture as both challenging and gratifying. “What I love about farming is, your ground is your palette,” she said. “You can grow whatever you want, and the possibilities are endless. That’s what makes this line of work so enjoyable to me.”

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