We’ve created a multifunctional mini-tractor that is purchased by anyone who tries it

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A newly established yet very experienced company from Almeria, with a solid track record in the sector, has recently launched a mini tractor developed to meet the demands of greenhouse agriculture. It has a very tight turning radius and capacity to have accessories implemented.

“The Agrotech mini tractor, with its very striking design, has been developed to facilitate tasks within the greenhouse and overcome space limitations,” says Juan Hernández, manager and co-founder of the young Almerian company JBR Agrotech.

“The mini tractor’s multifunctionality ensures a faster return of investment than other vehicles, as it can perform more tasks, including sprinkling, clearing vegetation pruning, spraying plants, fertilizing plants…,” says Juan Hernández. “Something that has also caught the attention of producers is that all elements requiring maintenance are easily accessible.”

Until a few years ago, Juan Hernández was working at a well-known agricultural machinery manufacturing company, helping optimize everyday tasks in intensive and protected crop agriculture.

“After leaving my position at that company, I devoted myself to working on my parents’ farms,” says Juan. “One April afternoon in 2023, I received a call from a producer who wanted to buy three sprayers, and I mentioned that I was no longer with the old company, and he replied: ‘Exactly! That’s why I want you to develop a machine that will be better than what’s now on the market.’ I mentioned it was very difficult since, in addition to developing the machine, you also needed to produce it, find a market for it, distribute it… For me, it was a huge gamble, and I didn’t have many resources.”

“However, from that moment on, I started seeking suppliers, I looked for an engineering partner, and both of us founded JBR Agrotech on a 50-50% basis. We got down to work, analyzed the competition and managed to create a multifunctional mini tractor that is purchased by anyone who tries it. It’s that simple. Even though it’s harder to start a business in these times, we’ve entered the market with an exceptional product with an incredible finish,” says Juan Hernández.

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