Wedding Centerpieces That Look Stunning Using Only Greenery and Foliage

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Flowers aren’t always needed to create a stunning centerpiece. You can make spectacular arrangements using only greenery, playing with shapes, and embracing geometry, and that’s exactly what I achieved by using some of Adomex’ greens belonging to their OrcaGreen Label.

Wedding Centerpieces With Only Greens? My Vote Is a Yes!

Consider these details: various shades of green, veins, straight or wavy lines, leaves that grow or curl — and now imagine what you could create with these characteristics. For me, these products gave me the necessary tools to create and engage the eye while leaving a sense of wonder.

The green of the leaves gives us the meaning of life; it’s like oxygen. The more green there is, the more it reminds us of the peace of forests or vacations surrounded by lots of vegetation. Green is a feeling of well-being. That’s why greenery at weddings creates a magical setting for a memorable atmosphere.


Yes to Aspidistra en Typha!


On this occasion, I had the opportunity to create wedding centerpieces using only greens from Adomex’s OrcaGreen brand, being not just a trend but a beautiful and versatile approach to event styling. As a blogger for Thursd, I’ve had a delightful experience using these green-only masterpieces, and I’d love to share my insights.


The perfect centertables using greens


Setting up decor using Cordyline and other greens


Greens That Give Centerpieces Life

One might wonder if it’s possible to achieve the same level of elegance and interest without the pops of color that flowers provide. The answer is a resounding yes. The secret lies in the diversity and beauty of the foliage itself. Adomex’s products, such as Aspidistra, Lilygrass, beargrass, Cordyline, and Phoenix Roebelenii, offer extraordinary textures, shapes, and shades of green that can transform any setting.


Combination of OrcaGreen products for a centertable
A combination of Aspidistra, Cordyline Green Ti, Phoenix Roebelenii, Lilygrass, and Beargrass

Starting with Aspidistra, its large, glossy leaves are perfect for creating bold designs for a special event. In my opinion, they are versatile, easy to shape, and can be used as the foundation of the arrangement, providing a green backdrop that is both dramatic and serene. When I first incorporated Aspidistra into a centerpiece, I was amazed by how its simple elegance set the tone for the entire piece.


OrcaGreen products by Adomex

Lilygrass brings a different dimension with its slender, linear blades. It’s fantastic for adding height. I found that weaving these greens through the arrangement gave it a dynamic movement, almost as if the centerpiece was alive and swaying.


Decorating a wedding with greens from Adomex

Beargrass, with its fine, wispy texture, is perfect for adding subtle details. When I created the centerpiece using this product, I thought it offered a light, airy feel. I enjoyed using beargrass to soften the overall look.


The perfect green combo for a centerpiece

Cordyline leaves made the design extra special because they brought a tropical touch to my designs. By using these greens I could introduce visual interest without needing traditional flowers. It was fascinating to see how these leaves could command attention and become focal points in their own right.


Green design for a wedding

Phoenix Roebelenii added an exotic touch to give the final result the perfect look. found that these work wonderfully for creating volume and a sense of movement, making the centerpieces feel more dynamic and full.


Phoenix Roebellini greens

The aesthetic of an all-green centerpiece can be used for any occasion, anytime, anywhere. In my experience, green-only arrangements can evoke a sense of tranquility and connection to nature, making them perfect for a variety of events, from weddings to corporate gatherings.



Full view of the centertable arrangements


The key is to embrace the unique characteristics of each type of foliage, playing with texture, shape, and form to build a cohesive and eye-catching design. All in all, I really enjoyed designing and creating with these products!



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