“We think that the FlowerTrials are the top-platform for presenting our highlights”

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“We think that the FlowerTrials are the top-platform for presenting our highlights in the sector,” says the Lazzeri Agricola team, which introduced their highlights during this event. This year was the fourth time that the Italian breeding company was participating in the Flower Trials. Visitors from all over the world came to see their Brasileira, Tropicana, Duna, and La Signora varieties. In case you have missed these highlights, don’t worry! This article will give you an overview of the highlights and an impression of the Lazzeri booth.

Resistance and easy-maintenance
Lazzeri: “We find that end-consumers increasingly ask for plants that are hot-tolerant and easy to maintain, also during the summer. We took that into account when we developed this year’s new additions. Take for instance the six new colors that enrich our Tropicana series. The name already says a lot about this Catharanthus, it is ideal for hot summers and heavy rains. The plant is characterized by medium-strong growth, early abundant flowering, easy maintenance, and excellent resistance to water stress. And last but not least, it prefers full sun.”

One of the new colors that is added to the Tropicana series.

Similarly, the name of the Duna series refers to the conditions of drought and heat. Lazzeri added three new colors to this portulaca series: Raspberry and Gold for the Classic line, and Magenta Flame for the bi-color line. Aside from those two lines the Duna series also includes the Double line (double flower), and the Peggy line which has a larger flower and needle-shaped leaves. “All Duna varieties have excellent branching and earliness, and are ideal for small, medium, and large basket pots,” the Lazzeri team states.

Since recently the Duna series contains Gold portulacas (Classic line).

Reds and pinks in the spotlight
This year, Lazzeri Agricola also added new colors to their Mandevilla Brasileira, and La Signora series. The Mandevilla series is now also available in the colors Scarlet, Soft Pink, and Rose. As a result, this series of early to medium-early Dipladenias is now available in nine colors. Four reds, three pink variants, and two whites. The Lazzeri team comments: “This series is characterized by abundant flowering, and excellent branching. It is easy to grow, and suitable for all requirements. It is ideal for 10.5 to XXL pots.”

Brasileira Soft Pink

On top of that, the La Signora series of petunias has been enriched with four colors. Pink and Starlight Purple are the new entries in the medium group, while Violet Vein and Red are expanding the color range of the vigorous subgroup. “The petunias in this series show a strong growth, and are up to seven days earlier than other series. It has an excellent longevity; end consumers will be able to enjoy these petunias from summer until autumn.”

La Signora Pink

With these latest additions, Lazzeri sought not only to meet the demand for resistance plants, but also to meet the latest color trends. “We see that there is more demand for intensive pink and good reds, especially in the United States and Southern Europe. The La Signora Pink and the Brasileira Rose are good examples of this trend. Further, it is worth mentioning that the Brasileira Brillant red does not fade, and has an excellent performance during the summer. Similarly, the colors of the La Signora series are more intense from spring to early cold.”

Visitor quality
The Lazzeri team explains why they were so keen to introduce these highlights at the FlowerTrials, saying: “At the FlowerTrials, the quality of the visitors is exceptionally high. This year it may have been even better than in previous years. This edition there was more interest in our novelties. Maybe it also helped that people knew us and our products better. Thanks to the FlowerTrials we managed to establish new partnerships.

The Lazzeri team received visitors from all over the world.

Moreover, we got the opportunity to present our products to people from countries that we normally wouldn’t encounter. For instance, we received more people from India and China. Currently, we have no presence in these markets. We are curious to see how these markets will react to our varieties. If the reaction is good, we may expand to other areas of the world. This makes participating in the FlowerTrials very rewarding.”

According to Lazzeri, they received more Indian and Chinese visitors this year.

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