We help plants to cope with drought and salt stress

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As a producer of hygiene and nutrient solutions, Intrahorti has the expertise to address the challenges that the market is currently facing. Such as the drought that’s experienced in countries like Spain and Italy. However, reducing water usage is also crucial in the Netherlands. Claudia Weick, Technical Sales Manager at Intrahorti, says, “We are developing solutions to help plants cope with these conditions. Salt stress is another issue, particularly in Asia, where salty water is increasingly encroaching inland.”

Encouraging plants to use water more efficiently helps to address these water issues, Claudia explains, “For instance, we aim to ensure that the same yield can be achieved with just one and a half liters of water instead of two.”

The quest for these solutions is often long and intense.”It starts with various ideas, which are then developed and researched. In our Hortilab, we cultivate different crops to conduct preliminary exploratory studies. In our new factory and office space, we will have a more extensive Hortilab where we can really push the limits. For instance in the field of temperature. The industry will be hearing from us.”

Effective disinfection starts with thorough cleaning
Claudia emphasizes that effective disinfection starts with thorough cleaning: “Cleaning removes 99% of the microbiome, and disinfecting takes care of that last percent.”

A separate brand for horticulture
Finally, she answers a frequently asked question: what do the different Intracare names mean? Claudia explains, “Intrahorti is the name of the horticultural branch within the company Intracare. Intracare itself has been around for more than twenty years as a producer of hygiene products, foodstuffs, and veterinary medicines for livestock farming. We launched Intrahorti to offer services for growers.”

In addition, there are the brand names Intra Hydrocare and Intra Hydropure. “Intra Hydropure is specially developed for the horticultural sector, it has an extensive biocide registration which is in line with European legislation. The product is fully prepared for the future. By distinguishing between the different brand names, we provide growers with the best information and service. Pioneers in future-proof growing.”

Claudia Weick and Egbert Bok at HortiContact 2024

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