Wageningen expands with new high-tech research center in Bleiswijk

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Bom Group signs construction agreement

On May 7, 2024, Wageningen University & Research (WUR) and Bom Group signed an agreement for the construction of a new high-tech research center in Bleiswijk. This new center, covering an area of over 8700 m², will be located on Violierenweg, adjacent to the existing greenhouse complex.

The new building, designed by Van Bergen Kolpa Architects, will include both a research center and a reception building that is future-ready. In this center, WUR will conduct groundbreaking projects using the latest materials and innovative technologies.

Bom Group will serve as the main contractor for the construction of this high-tech complex, working in collaboration with several partners to deliver a fully turnkey project. Among the collaborating parties is Smiemans Projecten, responsible for designing the reception building with a distinctive entrance and reception area. This building will feature a mezzanine and various meetings and workspaces. PB-tec will handle the complete water and electrical installations, including the control technology for the 24 research departments. To control these departments, PB-tec will install a Hoogendoorn IIVO process computer.

The research departments in the new complex will showcase the latest greenhouse technologies, including advanced dehumidification systems based on the semi-closed greenhouse principle. Sustainability is a key focus of this project; hence, the complex will be equipped with solar panels and a heat pump with underground thermal energy storage.

Bom Group and WUR have previously collaborated successfully on several state-of-the-art research greenhouses, such as the “Winterlight Greenhouse,” the “Fossil-Free Greenhouse 2030,” and the Estidamah complex in Saudi Arabia.

The construction team is now tasked with detailing all of WUR’s requirements. Construction is expected to begin at the end of this year, with the first research projects in the new complex starting in early 2026.

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