“Visitors to our CAST display told us growers are looking for solutions, and better options”

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Visitors to Danziger’s 2024 CAST display in Gilroy, California chose their top picks for 2025, and those choices go beyond new colors, gravitating toward solutions for growers. At Danziger, years of research have led to new breeding work that is focused on the future. The company’s new genetics are providing more options for growers.

“Visitors to our CAST display told us g rowers are looking for solutions, and better options,” said Ori Danziger, Deputy CEO. “Our goal is to make growing top-quality plant material easier. Our 2025 introductions bring more novelties, and the vibrant bloom colors everyone is looking for, paired with improved resilience, increased adaptability and solutions growers need to thrive.

For the past several years, Danziger’s research and development team has focused on expanding its calibrachoa series. “With the 2025 introductions, Danziger’s calibrachoa line-up is deep, with extensive color options and series timed for consistent growth.” There are five series to choose from, including the LIA series. “The series is chosen for its well branched, medium vigor habit and stunning performance in baskets. Lia Abstract Lemon Cherry Calibrachoa (pictured above) turned heads at CAST, with striking golden yellow flowers accented by a splash of cherry red. Stunning on its own, Lia Abstract Lemon Cherry is also an eye-catching addition to combinations.”

Accordign ot Danziger, their petunia series are also showcasing the benefits of extensive research.”New novelties were highlighted at CAST, to rave reviews, not only for color choices, but for consistent series growth and usage options. Danziger offers several petunia series, all with unique characteristics, simplifying the selection and growing process for customers. Ray Shadow was a standout at CAST with its large flowers that start out yellow and mature through hues of rose and purple. With its dramatic eye and color combinations, it will be a standout at retail.”

“The adaptablity and options provided by the new Sol Luna Prime Hybrid Impatiens series garnered attention as well. This series is set to revolutionize the growing experience, offering a shorter finish time. Sol Luna Prime blooms up to seven days earlier and is a better option for varying growing conditions than traditional New Guinea Impatiens. It provides excellent uniformity across the colors, making it a great alternative to other series on the market. It also adapts to weather conditions, with outstanding wilting recovery at retail and for the home gardener. Available in six colors, Sol Luna Prime blooms and grows in both sun and shade.”

The creative combinations of Danziger’s Durabella program could were showcased at CAST. Visitors vote on new combinations to be launched in 2026 and get to see their favorites from prior years in full bloom. More than 30 new recipes were showcased.

Visitors were also able to see the cuttings available from Danziger’s Floresta foliage program. Indoor production at the company’s facility in Guatemala provides growers with “the consistent and reliable supply” of superior foliage unrooted cuttings. This year’s event was blessed with beautiful weather that allowed all the new and improved varieties to shine.

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