US: That Flower Feeling marketing committee members announced

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CalFlowers announces the mission and members of their new marketing committee for The Flower Feeling campaign.

With a mission to increase the per-capita consumption of flowers in the United States through a media campaign, the brand expanded its influence in 2024 by creating a marketing committee. The committee began meeting in early April and has already started working on improving the marketing for the campaign.

Led by Steve Dionne, Executive Director of CalFlowers and That Flower Feeling, and eight other members, the marketing committee will focus on brand management, consumer-based marketing, market research, and analytics. The marketing committee will work to develop additional brand assets for the future, as well as monitor how previous ones are performing. The committee members are as follows:

  • Joey Azout, Alexandra Farms
  • Ryan Black, Jet Fresh
  • Sam Bowles, Allen’s Flowers
  • Erin Brotherton, Denver Wholesale Florist
  • John Burke, DV Flora
  • Christ Drummond, Chair of That Flower Feeling Advisory Board, Penny’s by Plaza
  • Oscar Fernandez, Rio Roses
  • Lisa Nason, Kennicott Brothers

That Flower Feeling is a national floral marketing brand established in 2021 by CalFlowers, dedicated to increasing floral consumption across the US through a consumer-direct marketing campaign where flowers are promoted in everyday self-care routines. By evoking “that flower feeling,” the brand seeks to spread the joy and impact of flowers on a regular basis, ultimately benefiting the entire floral industry by increasing demand for non-holiday sales.

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