US: “”Soil conditioner works with the foundation of soil and roots to enhance plant health

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“New to the gardening market, Harvest Gold Organics is a soil conditioner that works with the foundation of soil and roots to enhance plant health within four to eight weeks. OMRI-certified for organic use, this amendment is recycled from a historic gold mine and naturally comprised of silica and plant essential minerals. It promotes plant resilience, reduces maintenance and inputs, and is approved for houseplants, flowers, lawns, gardens, trees, and edibles. Moreover, this product is also available for professional growers, they would just need to call our company directly to obtain a quote.”

“As the awareness around soil health and environmental impact continues to rise, we are committed to supplying a natural, safe, and effective solution to make a big difference in how we garden,” said Harvest Gold Organics co-founder Misti Mathis. “With Harvest Gold Organics, you can reduce water use and stress less; it’s a win-win for you and the environment.”

The company points out that studies show that this product maintains soil moisture more effectively than other mineral-based soil conditioners, saying: “It naturally attracts water molecules, reducing the need for water and fertilizer by 30 percent on average. This is particularly valuable for gardeners who might not always be able to attend to their plants during drought. Enhanced soil porosity also allows for better water absorption and minimizes run-off, safeguarding groundwater.”

With Harvest Gold Organics, the company aims to create a healthy substrate while making plants more resilient to extreme weather conditions, diseases, and pests and reducing the need for chemical interventions.

“This product is for people who want a healthy and sustainable garden with minimal effort,” said Mathis. “Gardeners can contribute to a healthier ecosystem and worry less about the health of their plants. With just one application, it helps regulate soil and environmental health for up to four years, making it one of the market’s most cost-effective and sustainable amendments.”

Harvest Gold Organics Premium Soil Conditioner is available nationwide.

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