US (PA): Kids’ roadside stand blooms into mom’s flower farm

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What started as a small garden for Liz Ziegler’s three children to sell roadside flowers has expanded into a flower farm in full bloom.

“The flower farm started by accident, basically,” Ziegler said. “By the end of year two I was like, ‘this is for real now.'”

The little roadside stand has evolved into Royal Oaks Farm, which sells u-pick flowers, bouquets and custom flower orders. While the flower farm has grown significantly over four years, its original goal is unchanged.

“My kids wanted to sell something, and I wanted them to grow something, and experience that you buy the seeds, you plant them, you do the work to hopefully sell a product in the end,” Ziegler said. “I wanted them to see the whole process and to grasp that concept.”


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