US (OH): New Bremen man plans to build greenhouse, plant business

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When Himchor He and his business partner bought a laundry mat and car wash in New Bremen, there was a bit of land left over. That bit of land is where He is now looking to set up a greenhouse for the plant business he’s been running for two years now.
“I’ve always been looking for opportunities to build my own greenhouse,” said He.
He explained that finding locations in bigger cities like Columbus is impossible and that New Bremen presented a great opportunity.

“On the side, there is a piece of land I can utilize with all the water system, the gas system, we think it just makes sense and so that’s why I’m going through all these processes to have that greenhouse set up,” explained he.

A Facebook post by He’s business partner Jacob Bergman explained that the water system that the car wash uses, can also be used to supply water to the greenhouse.
“We can split the system to grow tropical plants that need a very precise environment, and a very sophisticated watering system. These plants are very expensive and need to be in a very controlled atmosphere,” said Bergman. Bergman also explained that they need a natural gas hookup because propane fumes can damage the plants.

“Therefore we cannot be in the countryside as we have to have it commercially zoned for this as this will not be open to the public and we ship internationally,” said Bergman. Bergman went on to say that they’re currently based out of Hilliard Ohio, but are looking forward to moving operations to New Bremen. “We are very excited to have chosen New Bremen as our new home,” said Bergman.


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